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Business starts with an idea. You can plan to do a certain thing for a long time – for example, you went to taekwondo from childhood and decided to open your own school as an adult. Or you see that another business is developing well, and you want to try to organize something similar. Test your hypotheses on potential customers – arrange surveys. So you can find out the right direction of development before the start.


Create a business plan


Thanks to the business plan, you will know how much money you need to launch the product. How long does it take to recoup the investment? What profit will you receive when you reach a stable flow of orders? Calculate the cost of the product and the possible margin, plan the costs of promotion, payment of taxes, etc.


Find funding sources


In addition to your skills and time, you will need to invest money in a startup. How much depends on the nature of the business. So, to open a restaurant, you need to rent a room, purchase equipment, hire employees, sometimes train them, and also launch advertising. And to teach a foreign language, it is enough to be self-employed – this business can later be registered as an individual entrepreneur when it is time to expand.


Track and stream everything


If you want to be a successful entrepreneur with a mission, stream and track everything. Many business owners are doing it in 2022. Choose a platform- Twitch or YouTube. Buy Twitch viewers, get more attention from the users of the platform and stream everything. What’s behind your business decision? Why do you want to track everything? Why do you want to achieve more in business? Stream about everything.


Register your business and choose a tax regime


Think about the pros and cons of self-employment, sole proprietorship and LLC. Evaluate which category you fall into, what requirements you must comply with and what will happen in case of violations. A separate item is taxes. At the start, you can consider a tax on professional income (that is, self-employment), a simplified taxation system (STS), a patent form, and a single agricultural tax (UST). If you do not meet the criteria, the tax regime will be general (DOS).



Prepare to open


After the main questions, you can move on to additional ones. Every business is different. So, for an offline store, you will need to open a bank account, buy a cash register, deal with fire safety, conclude contracts with suppliers of goods, etc. An online store cannot do without a website, a well-functioning delivery service, an online cash register, and other details. Last but not least is advertising. In order for you to have customers, start talking about yourself, and it is your target audience.


banner advertising


One of the most convenient formats for start-up entrepreneurs. It is used for the first acquaintance with the product. The potential audience sees the banner on the site, among the rest of the content. Banner advertising can be combined with other tools, such as SMS-mailing. The first increases interest in the product, the second motivates to purchase a product or service.

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