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Every year, more than 35 million Americans visit their doctors hoping to get some relief from a variety of symptoms associated with sinusitis. Some of the symptoms include tooth pain, cough, clogged nose, headaches, and facial pain.

A bacterial infection in the sinuses around the nose is to blame for the clogged up feeling that you experience during a bout with sinusitis. In some cases, sinusitis can be acute; however, it is usually caused by a secondary bacterial infection that sneaks in behind the nasal congestion of a cold and decides to hang around for a couple of weeks. In addition, it can also be chronic, which means it will stick around for more than a couple weeks and it can continue to reappear again and again.

The most widely used weapon against sinus infections are antibiotics. Although they can kill the bacteria, they can also have adverse side effects. Many people are beginning to get wary of the side effects that frequently accompany the use of antibiotics.

Unfortunately, antibiotics cannot tell the difference between good and bad bacteria. The good bacteria help to regulate the digestive system. When good bacteria die, it can lead to diarrhea, inflammation, and bloating or gas. Other health problems can arise as well, most notably autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Taking too many antibiotics can cause the bacteria to become resistant as they evolve quickly, which will make your next run-in with sinusitis a real conundrum. Taking too many doses of antibiotics for recurrent sinusitis can only make the situation worse. Alternative health care practitioners can help treat sinusitis without antibiotics and the side effects.

Sinusitis home remedies

Get rid of the symptoms of sinusitis with garlic

One of the best remedies for acute sinus infections is garlic. Consume a clove of garlic a day until your sinusitis clears. The garlic will release its potent bacterial-killing medication when in the small intestine. Take the garlic with meals and drink a glass of water with each clove to avoid stomach upset.

Consume vitamin C every two hours

Taking vitamin C throughout the day will help to strengthen your immune system’s bacteria fighting prowess.

Clear your sinuses with NAC

The amino acid n-acetylcysteine can aid by liquefying mucus, which will help it to drain easier. This is a good thing because mucus caused by a sinus infection can be stubborn like a mule.

Goldenseal is a good infection fighter

Scientists believe that this herb was specifically created to help fight sinus infections. It works by killing bacteria, aids in drying up thick mucus, and helps to stimulate sinus drainage.

Sinusitis home remedies with colloidal silver

Colloidal silver is a liquefied form of silver and it is known to be a highly effective natural antibiotic that can aid in the treatment of acute sinusitis.

Using salt water to clear your sinuses

I remember when I was a child, my father would take my brother and I to the beach any time we had a cold. I never understood why, but I did remember that after a day at the beach, my clogged sinuses would be gone. Now I know why a dip in sea water cleared my nasal congestion.

Salt water kills bacteria; that’s why many alternative healthcare practitioners tell their patients to spray salt water into their nose.

However, this technique does not work well with severe cases of sinusitis. If your doctor decides that you should go on antibiotics, you can still spray salt water in your nose daily; it will help to keep the sinus infection from recurring.

Use eucalyptus essential oil

Open your sinuses by inhaling the steam from eucalyptus oil. Get a large pot with steaming hot water and add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil. Get a towel and put it over your head while you lean over the pot and inhale the steam. You can repeat this a few times a day until your sinus infection clears.


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