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Diversity and inclusion in the workplace result in higher engagement, better performance, improved productivity, and more innovation to name just a few benefits.

Symmetra helps executives, businesses, and organizations build diverse and inclusive cultures, teams and leaders. Symmetra does this by helping you develop the organizational capability required for leaders to sustainably leverage diversity and inclusion initiatives.


Why Should You Be an Inclusive Leader?

Inclusion in the workplace means ensuring all employees feel valued and respected, have access to opportunities and can contribute their diverse perspectives to achieve organizational goals. Creating an inclusive workplace is a crucial step towards diversity and creating successful organizations in modern day Australia.

However, simply throwing together a diverse set of people will not result in improved productivity; the process requires inclusive leadership to make it work. Our experienced diversity and inclusion consulting experts work with you to formulate actionable solutions.

 Six Reasons to Be an Inclusive Leader

 Inclusive leadership creates and values an environment of respect and belonging for employees. Hiring leading diversity and inclusion consulting firms can help you leverage the benefits of inclusive leadership.

 Here are six reasons to become a more inclusive leader:

  1.     Generational Diversity is on the Rise

 Age is an important factor in diversity and modern workplaces often have employees of all different ages. Different age groups each bring their own valuable insights and perspectives to the table. Inclusive leadership balances the needs of all age groups and values the insights and perspectives of each one.

Generally speaking, tech firms and start-ups usually have a higher number of younger employees while traditional companies may have more older generation employees working for them.

  1.     Workplace Diversity Is Increasing Rapidly

 With an increasing number of companies hiring diverse talent, it’s time your organization took advantage of the multiple benefits too. Heterogenous workplaces are proving to be more successful, productive and showing more growth compared to homogenous organizations still rooted in traditional styles of management.

 Australian organizations want to tap into the immediate and long-term advantages of diversity and inclusivity. Inclusive leadership helps create a positive culture that offers equal opportunities to diverse employees.

  1.     Unleash the Potential for Innovation

 Diverse teams are known to be more innovative and with good reason. When employees feel psychologically safe and valued, they’re more likely to ‘think outside the box’ without fear of repercussions.

 When there are a significant number of diverse thinkers and leaders value their differences, teams are more innovative and develop more ideas.

  1.      Attract and Retain Millennials

 When your organisation is intentional about creating diversity, you’ll find it easier to attract and retain millennials. Research shows millennials place inclusive workplaces in very high regard and see then as authentic, empowering and engaging.

  1.     Help Your Organisation Gain a Competitive Edge

 As a leader, your first priority is to help your company outperform the competition. Choosing to become an inclusive manager helps you lead your workforce from the front. You can help your team leverage different skills, aptitudes and backgrounds.

  1.     Maximise Technology Benefits

 An inclusive leader can always reinforce his or her skills with the help of modern technology. Hire diverse talent and nurture your team by using the latest technology. Distance and logistics are fast becoming redundant barriers to creating a diverse workforce.

 Is your senior management ready for what’s next?

 Symmetra offers holistic online diversity training in Sydney as well as other cities in Australia. Our team knows creating and nurturing diversity and inclusion in the workplace improves engagement, increases loyalty and maximises growth.

 Contact us today for our customised online leadership training programs designed for your requirements. 


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