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Indians have a strong love for online gambling and something that the Indian online gamblers have started to pay more attention to are online slot machines. The most popular casino games in India are online roulette and blackjack together with some more local games such as Teen Patti however things are slowly starting to change. 

Indians gamblers are starting to look at other types of games such as casino slot machines and specially slot machines from European slot machine developers such as NetEnt, QuickSpin and Microgaming. 

The online slot machine activity at the well known Indian online casino RoyalPanda has reportedly gone up with 212% in the last 12 months. Similar increase has also been seen at the Indian online casinos Betway casino and 

One slot machine which has been firmly embarrassed by the online gamblers in India is the Mega Fortune slot machine developed by Swedish slot developer NetEnt. The Mega Fortune slot machine features something called a progressive jackpot. 

A progressive jackpot simply explained takes a micro amount from every bet on the slot machine and puts it in a jackpot pool. The money in the jackpot pool increases as more and more slot machine players play on the slot machine. As the jackpot gets bigger and bigger the more players start playing this slot machine as they dream about hitting the jackpot. 

In other countries such as Germany, The Netherlands and Norway the Mega Fortune slot machine is one of the most popular online slots if not the most popular slot game thanks to its progressive jackpot which sometimes reaches above 10 million Euros. 

An amount like 10 million euros is of course even larger for a person living in a country such as India which have given progressive jackpot slot games like Mega Fortune even more attention. 

It is our opinion that in the next 2 years we will see a big change in the type of casino games which the Indian online casino players play the most. We believe that casino slot games will be crowned the king of casino games in India with slot games such as Mega Fortune in the very top. 

Another famous progressive jackpot game is Arabian Nights which features a traditional arabian nights theme that is starting to gain ground in the Indian online casino market. The progressive jackpot offered on the Arabian Nights slot game never gets as big as the one on the Mega Fortune slot machine however it still reaches amounts like 5 to 6 million Euros which is still significant amounts and specially in countries such as India. 

With 5 to 6 million Euros in India you would become one of the richest persons in whatever Indian state that you live in. Truly life changing amounts of money and therefore has it increased the popularity for slot machines with the Indian online casino players. 

Online casinos such as RoyalPanda have also spent quite some resources lately to promote slot machines more as they are considered to retain online gamblers much better in comparison to classic casino games such as Roulette and online baccarat.


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