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In a normal slot game the player needs to match up pay lines to win a predetermined multiplier. This multiplier is calculated by the type of symbol the player lands. It is normal for a slot to distribute random multiplier values to symbols and call it a day.

However, some slot games feature multipliers that climb, increasing every time you win a pay line – check out What are these slots and is it possible for a game to feature no end to a multiplier?

Bonanza Megaways

This is a slot game that features 6 reels. Since this is a megaways slot, this game can generate up to 117,649 pay lines. Due to the nature of a megaways slot, the random symbol generation creates so many different possible pay lines.

With its cascading reels, the possibility of the symbols appearing is greatly diminished adding to more and more possible pay lines, each one with its own ascending multiplier. Since it is almost impossible for a player to earn each and every one of these pay lines, they will never see the end of this multiplier. In other words it has no limit.

Diamond Mine Extra Gold Megaways

If you thought that 117,649 ways to win was unachievable, wait until you get a load of Diamond Mine Extra Gold Megaways. This 6 reel slot game has half that at 46,656 ways to win. However the chances of players actually discovering this limit is still nigh impossible.

This desert themed slot also attributes just a 1x multiplier to your spins. That could lead to 46,656x your initial bet if you reach the end. That is highly unlikely and therefore, whilst this slot game does have a multiplier limit, you probably won’t see it.


Sticking with the western theme, Tombstone is an interesting slot game when discussing multipliers with no limit. The symbols in this slot all offer a different multiplier, these being the sheriff badge, dollar sign, gold bars dynamite and more.

Each of these carry its own multiplier for lignin them up in a pay line however these multipliers carry over. This keeps increasing the multipliers exponentially however they do finally cap out at 11,456x your initial bet.

That is one heavily increasing multiplier, however it does have a limit. That can only lead us to one conclusion.


There are slot games out there that have multipliers that seem to go on forever. The amount that they increase is insane but they do seem to come in one format.

This is the megaways slot. This slot type features so many possible pay line that increase the multiplier it is almost impossible to reach the limit. However, these limits do exist. They have to exist.

In terms of regular slots, there are games out there that have increasing multipliers, however they to cap out somewhere. For a slot game with a no limit multiplier it is best to try a megaways slot.

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