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Smile has an inarguable link with love. People often fall in love with other people’s smile. Being content and happy makes us smile very often. Many times, being with people we love makes us smile. There is no doubt in saying that a smile is the best feature of any person. People that have a smile on their face seem approachable and kind.

We smile due to many reasons. Sometimes we smile because we are content. Other times we smile because we are happy to see our loved ones. We smile when we spend quality time with our family. We smile when we see an old friend. And we smile when we talk about old memories and when we try to relive the moments. Often times we greet strangers with a smile too. Having a smile on the face shows contentment.

Why Do People Use Smile Quotes?

When we like a person’s smile, we find ways to tell them about it. Often, we tell them about their best feature straight away. Sometimes we find beautiful smile quotes to share with them. There are tons of smile quotes on the internet that allow us to express ourselves in words we cannot think of. 

Different types of smile quotes portray different emotions. You can use smile quotes for photo captions, send them to your loved ones or use them in your wedding vows. You can also use these quotes on birthday cards, Valentines Day card, congratulatory cards etc. There are endless uses of smile quotes. Even if there is not any occasion, you can send smile quotes to your loved ones through text message.

Quotes for Our Loved Ones

Just like Thank You Quotes, Birthday Quotes, Congratulatory Quotes etc. Smile Quotes portray care and compassion. You can either use a two-word quote like “Just Smile” or a customary quote like “I love the feeling the I get after making you smile.”. Both of these quotes show empathy towards the other person and can be used on many occasions.

If you are looking for some love smile quotes, here are some options for you.

  • Peace begins with a smile.
  • To see you smile, I can walk a thousand mile.
  • I feel contentment whenever I see your smile.
  • Watching you smile is the only therapy I want.
  • Smile, it’s free therapy.
  • I fall for your smile every day.
  • I see love in your smile, and I see a home in your eyes.
  • The way you make me smile is a blessing I can’t find elsewhere.
  • I smile uncontrollably after thinking of your smile.
  • Your smile is serotonin that my brain cannot produce on its own.
  • You make me laugh even when I’m unable to smile.

These are a few smile quotes you can use for your loved ones. You can send these privately or use them publicly on your social platforms. It is healthy to express emotions in every relationship, and these quotes help with it. If you find these quotes inspiring, you can use them too.

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