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What is a Smoke Shop ? A smoke shop means a shop where cigarettes, tobacco and pipes are sold. It is also a place where the display, sales, distribution, offering and marketing of tobacco products takes place. A smoke shop can also give people who need a place to smoke their tobacco a space to do so.

Sometimes a smoke shop seems to mean the same thing as a head shop, but they are not the same. A head shop is a place where the accessories needed to smoke tobacco are sold.

The name “Head shop” originated in the 1960s when people who smoked cigarettes were called Potheads.

What are the products sold in a Head shop?

In a head shop, you can find smoking accessories like:

i) Rolling Papers, which are papers that are used for rolling tobacco or cigarettes.

ii)Water pipes which help in cooling the smoke when it’s drawn through the water.

iii) Roach clips, this device is used by smokers to avoid wastage because it enables them to smoke to the end.

The head shops sell every accessory when it comes to smoking.

Several factors help in making a smoke shop or a head shop successful; they include

  • As a business owner, you have to employ people who know the job very well and carry it out dutiful; people who know the type of products in stock and can give accurate information about it to customers. This will increase your customer base.
  • There should be transparency in this type of business; tobacco and its likes have gained full legalization in a lot of countries. So both the location of the shop and the things sold there should be advertised and address given out to the general public so that one can easily locate the head shop without stress.
  • Another thing that makes a head shop/a smoke shop successful is the ability of the owner to have all the products needed. Stock your shop with various products, so whenever anybody is looking for a particular type of product, you will always have it; not always having enough products is a major turn off for people.


When you want to open a best head shop Orlando, you have to consider quite a lot of things; this is because a smoke shop is not like cosmetic shops or shops that sell clothes or beverages. A smoke shop sells age-related products, so you need to be certified and get the required registration before you start.

When getting the permit, make sure it’s compliant with Orlando laws that govern smoke shops; this also applies when selling online.

The first thing you should do is to make a budget for what you need. Your list should cover things like –

a) Who will handle the business?

b) Marketing strategies involved in running the business

c) Mode of income and expenses

d) Your target market

e) Capital to run the business

After this step, you need to make inquiries from people who have been in business about the different licenses you will get and how to get them.

The next steps are to register the business, employ staffs who know about the business, make your shop known, whether offline or online, then your startup. These same steps apply if you purely want to run an online shop only.

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