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Smoking is a significant public health problem for both smokers (and non-smokers). There is growing evidence to show that smoking causes several diseases, including those that affect the cardiovascular system.

As much as 30% of all heart-related deaths in America each year are caused by tobacco smoking, This is the single biggest risk factor to your health.

In the wake of increasing cardiovascular disease, there has been a growing trend toward tobacco harm minimization that began many years before.

As the US’s tobacco consumption declined, the industry introduced electronic cigarettes (e­cigarettes) to offer a healthier alternative.

Two Tobacco chemicals that are extremely hazardous


It is a chemical compounds found in crude petroleum and is often used in gasoline and pesticides. It is known to be a carcinogen. Smoking accounts 50% of benzene’s exposure. Anaemia, genetic damage or excessive bleeding can also be caused from prolonged exposure to benzene.


Formaldehyde has been used as a preservation chemical for dead bodies. This chemical is a disinfectant and kills all bacteria. If someone smokes near it, they can experience eye irritation or coughing problems.

Vaping Could Save Your Lives

E-cigarettes can be a relatively new product. That is why institutions that are concerned about public health need to know how to regulate them. Scientists found that people who used ecigarettes for less than six months had lower levels cancer-causing chemicals in their bodies than those who continued to use regular cigarettes.

The website has more extensive information about vaping and e-cigarettes.

This study also revealed that the switchover to ecigarettes was needed, and not continuing to smoke.

These findings reveal that ecigarettes can be used in place of regular cigarettes to reduce the exposure to chemicals and other toxins that could cause cancer. This finding is very interesting because it shows how important it is to reduce public exposures to products that can cause cancer.

Ingredients in ecigarettes

Vegetable glycerin

Modern atomisers are made up mainly of vegetable glycerin. This liquid can have up to 80 percent volume. The following explains how ecigarettes have evolved from producing thin, sluggish vapour to emitting massive white plumes.

Glycerin is a naturally occurring substance that can be obtained from all types of fats. Glycerine found in eliquids is made from vegetable oils. Important: Even though it is made from oils, it is not an oil. It’s actually an alcohol, making it safe to inhale.

Propylene glucol

Propylene glycol, or PG, is likely to make up most of the liquid that isn’t VG. Some liquids contain more Pg than VG. They work better in clearomisers with older atomisers.

Like VG and PG, PG can be described as an alcohol. Although it doesn’t have enough sweetness to be considered sweetener, it does have a faint sweet flavour.


To reduce your nicotine intake, it is best to eliminate all other substances. While nicotine patches only contain nicotine, chewing gums have a much lower level of harmful chemicals than tobacco. You can make a significant step toward being healthier by switching to electronic cigarettes. Smoking is a pathway to serious illness.

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