Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
What You Need To Know About Snapmaker 2.0 Modular 3 In 1 3D Printer

Snapmaker 2.0 printers 3 in 1 A350T/A250T are the latest iteration of the Snapmaker 2.0 series, which have been upgraded based on user feedback to provide a better printing experience. This modular 3-in-1 3D Printer offers 3D printing, laser engraving and cutting, and CNC carving capabilities, making it a great tool for beginners, hobbyists, engineers, and designers.

One of the key improvements in the A350T/A250T is faster printing speed without compromising print quality. The new 3D Printing Module and the upgraded cooling system allow for higher print speeds while maintaining accuracy and reducing problems like gaps, cracks, and overflow. The motion control algorithm has been optimized to improve coordination between the extruder and the linear modules, ensuring quality during moderate to high-speed printing.

In addition to faster printing, the printers 3 in 1 A350T/A250T also provide a quieter working environment. The noise reduction chip embedded in the linear modules and the improved power module with a quieter fan significantly reduce the noise level. During normal printing, the A350T/A250T operates at an average noise level of about 50 dB(A), making it suitable for use in home or office settings.

The modular design of the Snapmaker 2.0 A350T/A250T allows for quick switching among functions. The 3D printing, laser engraving and cutting, and CNC carving tool heads can be easily interchanged, providing flexibility and versatility for different creative projects. The powerful controller with the CAN bus expansion enables easy modification and inclusion of additional ports and controls in the future.

The A350T/A250T is built with high-quality, all-metal components, ensuring durability and consistent performance. The precision parts made from aerospace-grade aluminum alloys contribute to high accuracy and reliability in 3D printing, engraving, cutting, and carving. It offers a large work area, with the A250T providing a work area of 230 × 250 × 235 mm and the A350T expanding it to 320 × 350 × 330 mm, allowing for printing of large prototypes or multiple smaller objects in one go.

The A350T/A250T 3 in 1 printer supports various application materials. 3D printing can handle common materials like PLA, PETG, wood PLA, and TPU with a hardness exceeding 95 Shore A. Materials such as paper, plywood, leather, acrylic, cardboard, fabric, and even cookies and coconut shells can be used for laser engraving and cutting. In CNC carving, the A350T/A250T can precisely carve or cut hardwood, PCB, acrylic, POM, carbon fiber sheet, and more.

Ease of use is a priority with the A350T/A250T. The Snapmaker Luban software provides a single, powerful platform for all tasks and comes with user manuals and tutorial videos to facilitate quick start-up. The machine features power loss recovery, automatically detecting power outages and resuming printing from where it left off. The 5-inch touchscreen with Wi-Fi connectivity enables easy control and management of the machine, including wireless design uploads and firmware updates.

The A350T/A250T 3 in 1 printer offers specific highlights for each function. 3D printing includes auto-leveling for a level print bed and filament runout recovery to prevent unfinished prints. Laser engraving and cutting benefit from a built-in camera for autofocus and accurate positioning and an aluminum grid table for efficient smoke exhaust and precise laser cutting. CNC carving features an ER11 collet for stability, compatibility with various carving and cutting bits, and a dust-resistant design for improved durability.

The Snapmaker A350T/A250T is constructed with high-quality, all-metal components, providing durability and reliability. The aerospace-grade aluminum alloys used in its construction result in precision parts and a premium appearance. The Printer delivers high precision and accuracy, making it suitable for various applications.

What are you waiting for? The Snapmaker 2.0 A350T/A250T modular 3-in-1 3D printer is the ultimate tool for unleashing creativity. Do not wait any longer; let the Snapmaker 2.0 A350T/A250T be your creative companion and transform your imagination into reality. Please visit our website at shop.snapmaker.com.

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