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LinkedIn Sales Navigator comes with the premium version of LinkedIn that lets users find leads more efficiently. When talking about LinkedIn Sales Navigator, there comes a question in many users’ minds: Why use it?


Why do Businesses Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn has become the largest professional network with more than 830 million users which means it holds immense value and data.

With millions of CEOs, B2B marketers, and professionals, it has positioned itself as a different social networking site.

As more and more companies and businesses use LinkedIn as a networking tool, it has become a hub for lead generation. With that being the case, LinkedIn is becoming popular for B2B marketers and sales professionals.

According to HubSpot surveys, LinkedIn is the source of the maximum conversion rate, which stands at 2.74%. This is three times more than other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.


Thus, LinkedIn is playing a revolutionary role in the B2B world, and that’s why businesses are using advanced LinkedIn automation tools to benefit from the platform entirely- One such tool is LinkedIn Sales Navigator. With the help of Sales Navigator, marketers are strengthening their leads pipeline and, ultimately, higher conversion rates.


Now the next question is…


What exactly is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

It is a LinkedIn automation tool developed by the platform to help B2B marketers, sales teams, organizations, and businesses expand networks containing relevant prospects and generate qualified leads.

This advanced LinkedIn automation tool has many useful features for businesses and companies of all sizes who want to generate leads.

The tool helps companies find their ideal leads and collects some sales-specific insights, enabling you to create a targeted strategy and scale your marketing efforts.

Users have access to several advanced filter options, and anyone can use them to find their potential leads.


How is LinkedIn Sales Navigator Useful for Businesses?

LinkedIn was fundamentally designed to connect professionals and B2B marketers from all around the globe. The purpose of this tool is to provide a platform where people can market their brands and increase their reach.

With the help of this advanced LinkedIn automation tool, marketers and sales representatives can build healthier pipelines that ultimately lead to more leads and sales. With the help of this tool, businesses can sort out their key leads, monitor activities, collect insights, and look for the best prospects to turn into potential clients.


Now that we have brushed up on the basics, what’s next for you?



LinkedIn Sales Navigator isn’t limited to searches only.


Many of you might think this tool is only for searches, but the story doesn’t end here.

There are plenty of other reasons you want to use this advanced LinkedIn automation tool for your business. To start with, you can search only a limited number of people with the free version.


Here are some things that you need to know:

  • With the free version, your Search for LinkedIn profiles is limited.
  • There is a limit on ‘visiting profiles and sending connect notes.’
  • Once you have reached the limit, you will receive a warning from LinkedIn about the over activity.


As a B2B marketer actively using LinkedIn for lead generation, you can’t afford to limit your activity. You should buy LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

It comes with a bunch of advanced features that can level up your lead generation:


  • It enables you to search for the best leads with advanced filters
  • Tracks updates, provides insights, recommends leads, and connects with particular leads
  • Providing advanced filters to extract data that you won’t find otherwise.
  • Gives alerts for a job change, specific keyword mentions, and more.


Here is how you can use LinkedIn sales navigator for your benefits


  1. Conducts Smart Search To Extract Lists

If you’re just a beginner, start using filters to extract lists of potential clients.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is quite powerful in finding the best leads. Conduct a specific industry-based or niche-based Search. You can also use the keyword filter freely. It would help if you were smart enough to leverage the power of this intelligent feature.


  1. Account Search

The following approach is the ‘Account Search.’ With this option, LinkedIn Sales Navigator enables users to find specific people within an organization suitable for their ideal customer profile.

When using this LinkedIn automation tool, you’ll see the following filters:

  • Industry type
  • Company name
  • People working in a company
  • People within a specific demography
  • Once you get your desired results, you can save the list for later use.


  1. Finding Leads


The most important option that it provides is ‘Lead Searching.’

Through this option, Sales Navigator enables you to search for the ideal prospects that you want to establish relationships with.

Lead Search gives you the following options:

  • To search for job positions and responsibilities
  • The institutes they went to
  • Location and postal code of that area
  • Previous jobs and years at the current job
  • Organizations they are working in


Now you see how helpful these filters are. All you need to do is apply filters; the tool will extract all the essential data.


  1. Combines Inbound With the Outbound


LinkedIn is primarily a platform for outbound sales. With this advanced LinkedIn automation tool, you can combine inbound connections if you do it right.

Send connect requests to those who seem interested in what you offer. This way, you can quickly identify niche-specific people.



This guide helped you understand the fundamental functions of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Smartly will also provide essential insights, organization data, and network management.

B2B marketers and sales professionals who use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for lead generation tend to have more success than those who ignore it.

There are no negative aspects so far; thus, if lead generation is your primary objective, using the LinkedIn Sales navigator is essential.

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