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Some of the best facebook pages for memesSome of the best facebook pages for memes

Everything in today’s world is meme-centric. We can find memes and its references everywhere. Nowadays it has become a trend to follow almost every age group makes and enjoys memes.

Meme marketing is getting more and more famous nowadays. Popular brands use memes for their marketing because it is the best way to grab attention of the users. 

If we talk about the meme trends then facebook is definitely the pioneer of it. Every new meme trend first gets discovered on facebook and later it is followed on other social media platforms like Instagram and twitter. 

Some of the facebook pages with best meme content are –

1.MATM – the group might be small in number but the efforts they usually do for the sake of humanity is above all things. Started in Jan 2020, the page has 10k likes and followers. The best part about it is the members, they are the real OG content creators. Most of the viral content you see on internet is plagiarized from here.

The page is also very famous for promotions they do every kind of promotions like PKL Betting sites promotion, clothing brand promotion. The group has also organized various donation drives in the pandemic period.

2. RVCJ – You all must have heard the name of RVCJ, first started as a meme group on Facebook. Later RVCJ turned itself into a big brand. Now it is country’s one of the most famous Media Houses.

RVCJ also has introduced various web shows on Youtube, also it has now entered into film productions. It has entered so many platforms that there wouldn’t be a surprise if it opens BBL betting site.

3. Logic Humor – Logic Humor is the most famous page when it comes to video memes. It is also one of the oldest facebook groups. Even after getting banned several times the page has the tendency to grow again.

It also has a very famous Instagram page, there they do promotions for the brands.

4. Meme Central – This page has more than 100k followers and likes, despite having no original content the views and likes of the page is quite higher. It has emerged as one of the most popular pages in the recent years.

5. Hera Pheri Memes – Memes provided a rebirth to various old Bollywood movies. Some famous movie scenes are cropped and used as templates by the memers. One of the most famous page which raised itself into that criteria is Hera Pheri Memes. 

This page has more than 200k likes and followers, and their content is totally based on the Hera Pheri and Phir Hera Pheri movies.

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