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We don’t always have enough time on our hands to watch a 2-hour long movie with our busy schedules, sometimes we don’t even have the attention span. Although, when we find a new series and get hooked on it, we always seem to find time for “one more episode”. Luckily for us, Netflix has provided us with countless top-notch TV series.  Committing to a new TV series can be difficult, so it’s best to make sure it’s worth your while. If you love watching TV shows, there’s nothing better than watching your favourite show on a large TV screen! Click here for TV wall mounting facilities. Anyway, here are our top picks for some of the best TV series on Netflix.

Breaking Bad

Widely regarded as one of the TV shows ever made, Breaking Bad is- a must-watch! When a ridiculously overqualified chemistry teacher is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he turns to the drug business to make some money for his family before his illness gets the better of him. But to his surprise, he ends up getting a lot more than he bargained for… To make things worse, his brother-in-law is a DEA agent! This show has its viewers glued to their seats wondering what happens next in what seems like a never-ending cat and mouse chase between the two. Each episode is always more exciting than the last which makes this one of the best TV series on Netflix by a long shot!

After Life 

This three-season-long series created by Ricky Gervais makes for a brilliant short series to binge-watch, its interesting story follows Tony (Ricky Gervais), A man struggling with mental health issues after the passing of his beloved wife Lisa (Kerry Godliman). Tony develops a self-destructive personality with his new outlook on life, he sees his mental illness as an excuse to tell everyone what he really thinks of them. After Life’s extremely unique yet brilliant concept has the viewer on an emotional roller coaster. With moments that will have you tearing up followed by moments that will have you dying with laughter, the show’s dark comedy isn’t for the faint-hearted, although its interesting concept makes for a brilliant watch.

Prison Break 

After getting the news that his brother Lincoln has been framed for a murder he didn’t commit and given the death sentence, Michael tattoos blueprints of the prison where his brother is being held onto his body and intentionally gets himself arrested in bids to break himself and his brother out. When inside the prison Michael finds himself forming an alliance with multiple inmates (some more friendly than others) in an attempt to escape. Prison break has a full 5 seasons of nail-biting episodes that will have you hooked.

Squid Game

Lee Jung-Jae finds himself struggling financially, up to his knees in debt, he is unable to even pay to celebrate his daughter’s birthday. At a subway, minding his own business, a stranger approaches with an opportunity too good to turn down… a series of games with tempting cash prizes yet deadly stakes. He accepts the offer and soon finds himself in an undisclosed location filled with contestants in the same position as himself. Inside the game Lee Jung-Jae finds himself making some unusual friendships along the way with some interesting people, along with some enemies. It’s impossible not to mention Squid Game when talking about the best TV shows on Netflix of 2021. This relatively new South Korean made drama is sure to have you addicted within the first few episodes with its intense scenes where you just can’t look away. 

The Office UK

Once again starring Ricky Gervais, The Office UK is a less light-hearted take on the US version of the office. The Office UK is brilliant for binge-watching on a rainy day. A group of employees goes about their day-to-day office job with their manager David Brent who tries desperately to be funny. With constant painfully awkward interactions between employees, the show manages to be hilarious yet believable. With its realistic tone and satire comedy, The Office is one of the best series on Netflix to binge-watch for a guaranteed laugh. As well as Netflix, You can also catch The Office on BBC 1, click here for TV and aerial installation services.

Still Game

If you’re from Scotland, Still Game is already sure to be on your list! And if you’re not, it should still be on your list! Still Game is a well-made, light-hearted, long-running, comedy sitcom. The show has two main characters, two retired best friends who get themselves into all sorts of hilarious situations on the regular. The pair find it difficult to adjust to modern life and always find themselves getting into trouble. The show perfectly captures Scottish culture in a hilarious fashion that’s bound to keep you coming back for more. With how witty and easy to watch Still Game is, it’s sure to be one of the best TV shows on Netflix, especially if you’re Scottish!

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