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One of the most difficult (and also unpleasant) parts of the house to clean is the drain, isn’t it? Whether the sink drain, the bathroom floor, or even the tank, questions always arise when cleaning, especially if it is clogged. All you need to do is to prevent these drains. In case of massive drains, you can contact Mr. Mike’s drain cleaning Calgary. Call us at (403)470-2007 for further details.

But cleaning the bathroom floor drain in your house doesn’t have to be a seven-headed thing. With these tips, you will learn the right way to keep drains always clean, in addition to knowing a little secret that can save you if, even taking all care, the drain clogs. Check out! Also, you can prefer drainage pipes that help to maintain and clean your drainage system.

How to clean the sink or floor drain?

Here are some tips to learn how to clean the sink or floor drain,

  1. Keep drains clean using specific mosquito net protectors for this purpose. They prevent residues larger than the holes in the protector from reaching the drain. 
  2. To keep the shower drain free from clogging, make it a habit to comb your hair before taking a shower or collect the hair strands that fall on the floor after showering. When cleaning, use a generous amount of disinfectant and do not use the drain for three hours.
  3. Do you want to eliminate the bad smell from the kitchen drain? Release the siphon (that cup inside the sink cabinet) and wash it well with soap. For a thorough cleaning, pour a solution made with a liter of hot water, a cup of salt coffee and a cup of baking soda coffee down the drain.
  4. Never pour cooking oil or fried food into the drain. In addition to polluting natural resources, fat is a major cause of clogging. Collect the old fat in a used pot and, if possible, send it for recycling.
  5. To polish the drains, use a damp cloth soaked in soapy water and scrub mainly the greasiest areas, such as the inside.
  6. In case of clogging, first remove everything that is visible, such as hair strands, pieces of soap, etc. Then pour three quarters of a cup of baking soda and then half a cup of vinegar. As the mixture of these components generates steam and foam, it is important to use a cloth to cover the opening of the drain immediately after pouring the vinegar. Leave on for 30 minutes and then rinse with boiling water.

Ready now you already know how to clean the sink drain in the bathroom, kitchen and tank if you need to, as well as tips on how to avoid clogging. 

Why Contact us?

At Mr. Mike’s drain cleaning Calgary, we offer our services in preventive maintenance for hotels, restaurants and food industries, which frequently experience clogs and collapses in their internal drainage networks, generating difficulties in their facilities. We have high pressure water injection equipment, provided with a variety of hoses and rotating heads of different diameters, operated by highly trained personnel with experience in handling these advanced equipment; which guarantees an efficient service and the full satisfaction of the needs of our clients.

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