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Fyza Ali, exceptionally celebrated for her “Buffing Techniques”, and Sonia Ali, a well-known fashion and beauty blogger for her fruitful makeup tips, are sisters and as of now based in Dubai. The two Sisters have shown their mastery and dominance globally while bringing the best and most accommodating beauty, health and skincare tips. Other than having uncommon authority in the beauty, skincare and health space, both the sisters pass on perfect makeup and appealing body shape. 

Both Soniaxfyza Sonia and Fyza wrapped up their advanced education in Law and English independently from the UK. During that time, Sonia grabbed some immense popularity for her blogging work concerning makeup tips and Fyza obtained all the affirmation for her amazing capacities in general and bridal makeup tasks. 

They served satisfactorily to both Middle East and South Asian ladies with some perfect beauty and health care tips. Both Sonia Ali and Fyza Ali were the main women to dispatch their essence via social media in the Middle East territory. 

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Right from the start, they presented in their supportive makeup tips and stylish beauty looks chronicles by means of online media. Thusly, even while this was a truly new thing for the Middle Eastern ladies, the two sisters lead the best approach to most Middle Eastern influencers around. 

In the wake of getting done with their advanced education in the UK, both of them moved back to Kuwait to contribute some quality time with their family members and loved ones. Regardless, both Sonia and Fyza (Before and After Makeup) decided to move back to Dubai to launch a new wave of modernization in the overall makeup industry through their extensive knowledge and high end experience. 

Fyza Ali Dubai – SoniaxFyza Blog

Fyza Ali designed the Buffing Technique during one of her makeup related sessions during the college in London in 2014. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, this technique has gotten particularly popular among every one of the VIPs, makeup artists and a huge segment of the general people around. 

Fyza Ali, who founded the exceptionally celebrated “buffing techniques”, comes as the most sought after makeup artist in Dubai. She composed buffing techniques in 2014 and essentially every prominent celeb and people from the royals families are a part of her elite client list. Fyza Ali Dubai is extremely responsive with respect to her journey on fillers and Botox. 

Fyza got through her higher education in English from the UK. During the time period, she managed the makeup task for all the models participating in London fashion week and got some gigantic appreciation because of her particular makeup work (especially bridal makeup) in the UK, which served comparably well to both the middle east and south Asian women. 

Ensuing to moving back to Kuwait from the UK, she got settled in Dubai and cleared towards her new journey in the beauty and makeup domain through her immaculate work and nuances shared by means of social media. 

Sonia Ali Dubai – SoniaxFyza Blog

Sonia Ali, significantly acclaimed for her incredible fashion and beauty tips all throughout the planet, is a popular beauty blogger, who has furthermore posted and shared her work by means of web-based media to help millions of people across the globe. 

She has become a ceaseless part of the Global fashion industry for an extended period of time and her handy beauty tips have truly exhibited their feasibility to each and every fans and disciples around. 

Sonia Ali Dubai got her law degree from the UK yet still opted to seek after her aspirations in the makeup domain. Once she shifted back from the UK, she made some happy time with her family and loved ones arranged in Kuwait. 

Regardless, Sonia Ali chose to move to Dubai to continue ahead with her role and ambitions in the makeup domain that were expected to work with Middle eastern women with some unrivaled beauty tips and proposals.

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