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Whether you are searching for a basketball to help your play or simply to have fun, this basketball is trusted to satisfy. It is special yet affordable and accessible and available in a dimension to suit any person of your household. Never again you have to cope with cheaply made, flat balls when you can buy a model of this high-quality. In general, it might have a few problems here and there, however, is a high-quality one for an inexpensive price tag.

If you are searching for a sturdy, reasonably priced basketball that has superb bounce, then you are going to like the Spalding NBA street basketball 29.5. Spalding is popular for making a few of the planet’s top sporting equipment and this ball is no different. It is available in three dimensions: youth (27.5″), intermediate (28.5″), as well as official (29.5″). No matter what size you select, your basketball will feature a sturdy cover and it’ll last through several weeks of pick-up and practice sessions with no issues.

Go through the entire Spalding basketball reviews for more information. Note: This article does not cover the Spalding Zone basketball review and Spalding Gold basketball review.

Spalding NBA Street Basketball Specifications

  • Brand: Spalding
  • Color: Orange
  • Sports League: NBA
  • Recommended Use: Outdoor
  • Dimension: 6 , Intermediate, 28.5″
  • Material: Rubber
  • Features: Official dimension
  • Number of Panels: Eight
  • Shell Material: Rubber
  • Protective Qualities: All-climate Style
  • Manufacturer Recommended Age: 12 yrs and up
  • Cleaning and Care: Damp cloth and wipe clean
  • Ball Dimensions: 9.750 L x 9.750 W x 9.750 H
  • Weight: Approximately 2 pounds
  • Model Number: Parent-63-249-parent
  • Assembly Information: No setup needed
  • Ball Kind: Basketball


The Spalding NBA Street Basketball includes several functions that distinguish it from the opposition. When you initially carry it, you will feel the pebbled surface and deep channels that offer you a solid grip. For even young players who are still training how to correctly tackle the basketball, this can be an excellent choice. It is also sturdy enough to withstand both outdoor and indoor play, therefore, it is multi-functional. On the exterior, you will see the official National Basketball Association (NBA) logo, which gives a flavor of perfection and causes the ball sense special.


When you go through Spalding street basketball review, you will usually hear customers discussing how it has great design, excellent bounce, and comfortable grip. With three dimensions to select, this NBA street basketball game model is actually a great option for all people from the elementary learners to the professionals. It is also vital to consider that this basketball is inexpensive. Get ready to enjoy hours of fun for about $20 therefore, it is the best deal!


There are some benefits if you select and buy Spalding basketball online. Here are a few of the advantages:

  • A Reputable Brand: Spalding has an ever-lasting track record of brilliance in the sports industry. You know you are going to receive the best basketball since it is supported by a reliable brand!
  • Very Sturdy: This ball can actually endure several hours of play. It will withstand both outdoor and indoor use because of the sturdy cover. Customers say that it goes well in a range of court surfaces therefore, it is an ideal fit whether you are on your driveway or using in a gym. A couple of other alternative models are Spalding NBA Platinum street basketball and Spalding 63249 NBA street.
  • King in Design: In case, you need a ball which is as stunning as it is operational, you will like the Spalding street basketball. It has an official logo of NBA and a gorgeous cover offering you a great appearance to suit its superior features.
  • Solid Grip: The deep channels and pebbled finish make this model simple to hold. Whether you are shooting lay-ups or training your bounce pass, you will be able to always keep the charge of the basketball even in the case, your palms get wet or sweaty.
  • Inexpensive Price Tag: You do not need to spare a ton to buy the best indoor basketballs or best outdoor basketballs! You can select from three different dimensions and all these costs about $20 therefore, you can buy a best-selling model at an affordable cost. We recommend Amazon if you wonder where to buy Spalding basketballs.


There are not many reports regarding the well-known Spalding NBA Street ball. Some customers complain that the basketball needs to be inflated often, however, that is not too unusual with any ball that withstands regular use. Others mention the pebbling texture on the exterior feels a bit hard on the palms after several hours of use, however, this is most likely a topic of personal choices.

Conclusion: Spalding NBA Street Basketball Review

In general, the popular Spalding NBA Street ball is a wise decision. It is stylish, affordable, and has superb grip and bounce. Also, it is sturdy enough to withstand plenty of deterioration and you could select the dimension that suits perfectly for you personally.

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