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Specifications to know before Test Driving 2022 Chevrolet Colorado

Pickups from Chevrolet means it is ideal for all kinds of activities that you need to use a truck for. Colorado is one of the best pickups in the market and you will see that when you take a test ride of it yourself. However, before you run to La Grange Chevrolet dealership, you need to know the specifications of the 2022 variant first.

Powerful engine 

The powertrain of Colorado is created so that it is useful for everyone. The base structure starts with a 4-cylinder engine paired with an auto 6-speed. Then comes the V6 3.6L engine that spews 308 horsepower and transmission provided for this is an auto 8-speed. Another option added to these two is a diesel option of 4-cylinder 2.8L that creates 369 lb-ft torque.

Most people opt for either the V6 or diesel version and avoid the base powertrain. Both the V6 and diesel one will serve the purpose a truck is built for and also offer ample towing capacity as well as other aspects like backcountry trekking, etc.

The V6 takes 6.1 seconds to reach 0-60 mph, while the diesel one takes 9.1 seconds for the same. However, people with diesel variant gets much better mileage along with a few other perks.

The V6 model can tow 7000 pounds, while the diesel can easily tow 7700 lbs while the base model can tow 3500 pounds; however, to reach such numbers all trims should be equipped with a package of Trailering Equipment. In addition, all models of Colorado come with Trailer Sway option to offer adequate balance and control.

The four-cylinder provides a mileage of 19 mpg and 25 mpg in city and highway, while V6 powertrain offers 18 mpg and 25 mpg. The diesel choice offers better fuel economy of 20 mpg and 30 mpg and is one of the reasons people prefer to buy it.


The 2022 interior is built for all purposes depending on the model one chooses. From commercial aspects to personal usage, the Colorado 2022 trims are designed to serve every purpose. From work truck models to luxurious ZR2, all you need is to get the one that suits your activity.

From top-notch infotainment system to spacious cabin for comfortable seating, the interior of Colorado has it all. To get a close look you need to visit a dealership and check it out yourself before starting your test drive. Also, it has been loaded with tech features to make every ride a pleasant one.


The starting price of Colorado 2022 is $26,395 for the Work Truck version. If you are looking for h8igher-end trims you can choose the ZR2 option that is priced at $43,795. The mid-level trims include LT $28,895 and Z71 $35,995. Reach to Chevrolet La Grange dealer for more!

It completely depends on the buyer what he/she needs the pickup for and select a version accordingly. Since every trim is crafted with perfection, buying any one of the models will get the job done. So, hurry and reach a dealership to apply for a test drive and book one that is appropriate for you.

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