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If you are someone who has often come to find yourself getting bored of the normal and conventional more easily than the rest, you might have the spirit of an eccentric. The need to stand out from the crowd is not always disruptive, but more of a reflection of one’s desire to put their best and most authentic foot forward. That is where fashion comes in, as the ultimate way of finding your true aesthetic while existing in dynamic social spaces.

The way we style our day-to-day looks and accessories is a conscious process of representing ourselves to the world. Our choices in eyewear work similarly, where we might use it as the one space of expression that is limitless and completely personal. Sunglasses are easy to experiment with, as contemporary trends find their way to eyewear first. For example, rectangle sunglasses have become all the rage after the return of 2000s aesthetics, which are sleek, futuristic, bold, and modern. Let us look at the following options for rectangle shape sunglasses that can help you embrace your eccentricity and stand out from the crowd.

The Black Basics

This pair of black rectangle sunglasses is the ideal finishing touch to all your formal and casual ensembles alike. These glasses are a little bulkier and bolder than the average pair of rectangle sunglasses, but their aesthetic celebrates the urban, alternative style that is meant to turn heads. This pair of shades is meant for those who enjoy investing in larger-than-life sunglasses for their eyewear collection. The temples on this pair of rectangle frame glasses are also thick, as it brings out the fashionista in you.

Urban in Greys

Grey sunglasses are often a rare choice made by people, but when styled right, it can become a closet staple paired with your best ensembles. This pair of rectangle frame glasses is different due to its design, and how it is opposite to every popular eyewear trend for men. The lenses are rectangular and sleek, while the colours are a muted grey but on a metallic finish. This makes the case have their quintessential new-age, nouveau-riche look. 

Gold and Chic

Rectangle sunglasses are often found in the standard shades of black and browns, but this pair is a welcome departure from the norm and a nod to the eccentric in you. These rectangle shape sunglasses are a combination of tinted hold lenses and dark frame colours which are meant to communicate the aesthetic of a royal, but with the touch of eccentricity. The rectangle sunglasses taper out at the ends, giving them a softer feel.

Dreamy and Dynamic

Sporty goggles are often a take on rectangle frame glasses, and that is because this shape is the most aerodynamic choice out of all and functional enough to cover the elongated field of vision. Athletes choose this shape for eyewear because it is meant to be chic and comfortable at the same time. The design of these glasses is inspired by the iconic Oakleys, making them a must-have for your closet.

The Semi Gradients

No list of eccentric goggles is complete without a pair of gradient lenses complemented by bold frames. The combination is a sure way to stand out from the rest, as it creates the silhouette of a futuristic, effortless style. This pair of rectangle sunglasses are semi-framed, as the lenses are not overwhelmed all the way by the block frame. The semi-covered lenses therefore are a nod to the style of the 2000s, which is making a soaring return to the fore of fashion.

Timeless Tortoise-Shell

Tortoise-shell inspired designs are a must-have for every closet, and this pair being rectangle framed makes it even more unique than its square-framed counterparts. The lenses on this pair of rectangle sunglasses are tinted in the same shade of brown, giving it a uniform, monochromatic feel. The speckled frame is great when complemented with business and formal wear. The design is a great middle ground between a classic and an eccentric accessory. 

Sleek in Black

A fashionable design that has been steadily climbing up the spots as one of the best urban designs, this pair in rectangle sunglasses mens is meant to make heads turn. These glasses are undefeated when it comes to giving you that touch of drama you need for your ensemble. The sleek rectangle lenses extend into frames that do not continue in the same thickness but branch out from the centre of the lenses. This gives the glasses a more cohesive and modern look as compared to the usual black designs in men’s eyewear.

The easiest way to find a balance between being stylish while having a touch of your eccentricity show through is by investing in sunglasses that are true to your personality. Sunglasses can be dismissed as unassuming accessories, but with the right choice; your look becomes 10 times better. Therefore, if you are looking for your ideal pair of rectangle shape sunglasses to make heads turn, brands like Titan Eyeplus offer a wide range of options for you to choose from, right from the comfort of your home. 

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