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The ones who dream of changing the world are the ones who can do it. It is an age-old proverb that has not lost its charm till now. The path of scientific inventions and Changing the world has never been easy and smooth. Because science tempts to bring fiction to reality, and most of the time, the facts are beyond ordinary people’s imagination. Starlink project is one such invention that left the world in the woo. Please scroll further to know the details of a dream project that offers us the chances of a better future with all the modern living facilities and a secure planet outside earth. 

About Starlink project

Elon Musk does not need any public recognition now. This man is a brand himself due to the dedication and the wonders he created over the past decade. Elon alone took humanity a leap of decades, and none will oppose it. The Starlink project is one of his brainchildren. 

Background study 

Back in the early twenties, the environmentalists broke very shocking news to the world. Our world is losing its primary protective ozone layer due to excess use of carbon-producing products. Gradually deforestation, ice meltdown of the poles, global warming, and many more lethal indications say that our time on this planet will end soon. But, unlike other extinct animals, human decided to look for another residence outside earth. One of the very few courageous people who decided to explore the universe was Elon Musk. He set up the plan to develop a colony On Mars. As a result, he developed Spacex to continue with the research and launch. But, it was impossible to bear the cost of space exploration by a single, private company. Elon Musk is not a name that gives up quickly. To he, he used the Starlink project as an InventHelp

Project detail 

Starlink project is mainly a global internet support service. Usually, we hire broadband internet supply companies to provide internet in our home or office settings. Here, we get the signals from the geo orbit. It means the signals come from the satellites that surround the earth in the same orbit. So, the launching and maintenance cost of these satellites are very high. The results are visible. High-speed Internet services are costly, and due to the signal distance, they do not cover a large area. Starlink project came as an Invent help here. Breaking the tradition, Elon plans to send hundreds of small, low orbit surrounding satellites that will send signals on specific areas. One satellite will cover a little area, and the signal will be less due to the reduced distance from the ground station. Theoretically, the method solved significant problems at a time. 

Starlink projects advantage

The first problem that Starlink is solving is that, as there will be less distance and simple satellites on the orbits, it will reduce the launching cost. So, the service will be cheaper than any other competitors in the market. Starlink will be able to create a strong entry point in the market. As the signals are coming from low orbit, so there will be less signal loss. Starlink can promise the fastest internet in the world now. And that too at the cheapest cost than anyone else. 

It all sounds like science fiction. But, here is the good news. Starlink project is already working and made its maiden launch back on 22 February of 2018. The last Starlink launch was on 16 February of 2021. So, we can hope for a better time on the earth. And beyond that, too and all thanks to great minds like Elon Musk.

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