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Resume Tips You Must Follow While Applying In A Startup <![CDATA[]]>

Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you.

These lines clearly describe the mindset of working professionals nowadays. Everyone wants to become a person with multiple skills. Startups provide you with the perfect environment for developing skills. Your presence over here clearly shows your interest. Now that you have decided to apply for startups, you need to understand the hiring process clearly. Do you know, by 2015 end, the growth in Indian startups was for 40% with more than 4200 startups.

Here are some points to consider before forwarding your resume to startups:

Reflect your Experience Smartly:

So, here is the fact. Startups have limited resources. They have no time or resource to train any employee. So they look for a person with good experience from a big-shot company or with a degree from an elite college. Here, you need to be smart to show the same. Your resume should reflect an apt description of your experience.

Make it easy to understand:

Startup professionals have to wear many hats. They don’t have a dedicated team for the hiring process. Many times people working in finance also work as hiring team too. So, there is no time for any confusion. You need to be very clear with your resume. It should clearly convey the message.You can create great-looking resumes with online resume builders.

Be loud with your achievements:

Every company hires you based upon results that you can provide. Especially, startups need to confirm resources are used efficiently. Your resume should show your achievements. In the end, it’s all about results that you provide. Startups choose resume having achievements over responsibilities as startups are interested to hire someone who is result driven than work driven.

Show your dedication towards work:

Big corporate have big teams for every different task. Startups on the other hand, have less number of staff. Keeping a check on everyone’s work is easy and important as well. They keep a check on work interest of professionals. They believe in working with dedication and delivering high results. This is what they expect from everyone, whether a fresher or an experienced.

Check for relevancy:

Working process of startups is fast. They look for a person who fits in the required profile perfectly. It won’t be wrong to say, they actively look for relevancy in resumes received by them. They decide further process only when a resume is matching the profile.

Making impact with power:

You need to make your resume powerful. Your resume is reviewed by startup founder, who has probably left his promising job for his vision of startup. They look for passion and the vibe of excellence while hiring. Your resume acts as a source of first interaction. Avoid making it seem like any other boring resume.

Make sure you don’t miss anything mentioned above. Your resume should speak for itself. Clearly, survival of the fittest is what everyone follows. Also, instead of using your old resume, create your resume within minutes with unique resume designs by Canva. And it’s absolutely free too.

Lastly, you need to make sure your first impression is undoubtedly nothing but the best. These tips will surely help you to be on point for your desired job.

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