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Micro investing apps can help anyone invest no matter how much you can save each month, but there are three options to choose from. With Stash vs Acorns vs Robinhood, what option is best for you? We evaluate in detail.

What if we tell you that you don’t have to be a broker, an expert in finance, or a millionaire to begin your investment journey? Doesn’t it sound like a distant reality? Not anymore. Now you can become an investor and earn profits with a small investment using an app on your phone.

The world has ventured beyond the traditional methods of investment planning and goals, and into micro-investing. The new investment options are not only easy but also profitable. However, only if you’re using the right tool. This is where this article comes in, helping you to decide between the three popular options, in this detailed Acorns vs Robinhood vs Stash comparison.

Micro-Investing Platforms

Micro-investing is another latest product of our technologically driven era. Many platforms have been introduced that encourage and allow you to not only regularly save small sums of money, but also invest your savings. Acorns, Robinhood, and Stash, all are examples of these modern platforms. These apps have made the investment plain and simple. You can now even venture into commission-free investment by downloading the right apps.

As all three are strong contenders, it may be confusing for you to choose the most suitable one. This is where our Acorns vs Robinhood vs Stash comparison comes in.  These apps link to your debit cards and make recurring deposits by taking tiny amounts of money, rounding up your daily transactions, and investing them into exchange-traded funds.


You don’t have to worry about transaction or brokerage fees; sign up for a minimum of $1 a month, register your debit or credit card and the app will use your purchase history to do the math and make an investment deposit. You don’t have to save up for years before you can invest in a single stock, bond, or mutual fund. Use your everyday purchases to accumulate savings for investment, starting as soon as today. Competition is tough between the three most sought-after apps: Acorn, Robinhood, and Stash Though they all function differently, it is first important to understand what a micro-investing app is offering you.

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