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With economic instability, inflation, and responsibilities becoming the order of the day, it’s normal for people to drown themselves in all possible work. It’s also why most people are venturing into the world of remote work — but even so, they find themselves working round the clock while most of their lives are left unattended. While it may be easy to admit that chores are taken care of, finding the time for social hangouts, time with friends and family, or even time to rewind and relax may be challenging. 

In that case, technology has found a way to accommodate both work (which will meet the growing demands of the economy) and rest (which is best for sound mind and mental health). That solution is nothing but the advent of Stacked Monitors. 

But how can stacked monitors, especially the sleek (easy-to-set-up) Geminos stacked monitors, help users stay balanced? Well, that’s what this article is about. From what stacked monitors are to the best ones for work-life balance and how to optimize the technology for the best results, here’s your guide to maximizing work-life integration. 

A Little Bit About Stacked Monitors

Unlike traditional (horizontal monitors), these types are usually two or even three-in-one sets of monitors. With multiple screens atop each other, you can switch the conventional viewing screen to vertical. Some people have tried to achieve the stacked monitor- look by manually placing one monitor above the other, either with a wall mount or a stand. However, this is not advisable. 

With the advent of new technologies, multiple types of stacked monitors are already stacked before purchase. Hence, they are more sturdy, durable, and safe to use. But the best of them all is the one that’s easy to set up—the Geminos stacked computer, which has two computers already infused into each other without any manual set-up. 

How Stacked Monitors Boost Work-Life Balance

Now, in the day’s topic, how does changing your device make your work easier? As stacked monitors are more significant, more portable, more accessible to set up and taller, there are more than enough ways this device can enhance your productivity at work, giving you more time to sit back and relax. Here are some ways the stacked computers can change your work schedule for the better:

View more, do more

A stacked monitor is about twice the size of a regular monitor and even much bigger than portable computers and laptops. Hence, the more extensive screen estate allows you to see more quickly. Depending on your job, whether you edit videos or texts or are a stock broker (whatever it is), the more content you can see, the more you can accomplish. 

Similarly, you would not need to squint your eyes to see the entirety of your screen. Since the viewing is much more extensive, you can easily read the content on-screen, making it faster to finish your work. 

Multitasking and comparison become easier.

If you work on multiple applications at the same time, this is another advantage. With the possibility of two screens at once, you can split each application into screens for easier multitasking or comparison. 

Technically speaking, you can divide your screen into four views with four sets of applications or documents all in your face at once. This eliminates constant tab switching (which saves time) and eliminates the possibility of errors if you deal with sensitive information.  

Increased focus is the goal. 

For those who use monitors regularly, you’d know that switching between tabs wastes time and tampers with your focus. Even if you try to do all your research before you start working, it’s almost inevitable that you will not visit a few more sites. However, attention is tampered with if you constantly jump from one site to another to find the right one. Stacked monitors help improve work efficiency by erasing any possibility of tempered focus. You can concentrate and finish your work faster when all the tabs you need are before you. 

Tips and Tricks for Work-Life Balance

Even though the list can go on and on about how stacked monitors save the day for work-life management, you still need work to do on our part. While stacked monitors enhance productivity, here are some things you can do to ensure that your work does not spill into personal time:

  1. Set a designated time for work and ensure you don’t carry work over from the ‘office’ to your ‘house’. 
  2. If you can, don’t work at home (even if you work from home). Find a designated office or workspace for tour work to separate work from leisure. Note that the workspace may be at home, just not in the corner of your living room.
  3. Take breaks at intervals and prioritize sleep when you need it. 
  4. Have a routine that makes it feel like you’re working in an office. There should be a lunch break, resumption time, closing time, and time to relax.
  5. Set your boundaries, and don’t take work that will interfere with your time.
  6. After work hours, shut it all down. Refrain from checking work emails on your time out.

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