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Just like painting and sculpture, photography is one of the forms of art that an artist utilizes to express themselves to society. Capturing the unparalleled beauty of the universe skillfully and presenting it to the world is not just a passion for many but also a career choice for professional photographers.

Unmatched shots are becoming increasingly popular over time as people strive to stand out and garner as many likes as possible on social media sites. Furthermore, photographers and videographers are in high demand in the film business because studios want the best angles and compositions.

When discussing photographers, Stefano Azario tops the list as someone who excels in the field. He connects photography to art and urges people to continue working on it since it only gets better with time. If you truly enjoy taking pictures, you will never give up. Some individuals find it easy because they have a natural talent for it, but others may need to work harder to make their place among the best.

Nonetheless, everyone should pursue their passion in order to harvest the delightful benefits.

Following In The Footsteps Of Stefano Azario

Azario’s experience as a photographer has been rather unique, given that he has no natural talent for it. He simply worked tirelessly at it throughout childhood to master his game. He employs lighting, angles, composition, and perspective to make his photographs stand out. His job mostly entails working with children of various ages, from newborns to teens, in both the editorial and commercial sectors. This expertise has allowed him to work with major media and advertising agencies all over the world, and he routinely collaborates with well-known companies such as Benetton, Uniqlo, and Armani.

Having five children of his own, Azario can comprehend each emotion, movement, and element that may make a child appear like a model when capturing images. His remarkable skills have won him several awards over the years, including the Judges’ Choice award at the 2021 Documentary Family Awards and the “Communication Arts Award Winner Fashion Editorial” that same year. He is an excellent role model to emulate and many look up to him as an inspiration.

Make Camera Your Best Friend

Before entering the photography community, it is important to research the niche that most interests you because each one has distinct cameras and specifications ranging from one-shot autofocus to servo autofocus. Only until you have thoroughly studied it will you be able to make your work stand out; otherwise, it will take you years to master it.

If you are still unsure, follow Stefano Azario’s career to learn from his photographs. He says, “Through my photographic practice I hope to give a valuable and personal take on the world around me and subjects of interest to me such as personal development, family, and parenting.” He is a remarkable guide who has mentored and taught in Green School Bali and High School over the years. Take a look at his work over the years on his website in order to witness the artistic expression of Stefano Azario.

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