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piano storage cost

It’s definitely risky when you want to pick up something heavy and put it in a truck through tight spaces. Isn’t it? The risk is not only for the loss of value but the detachment of sentiments which are with that valuable device. Considering the weight, size and the vulnerability, it’s definite that only a professional can move it with that manpower and subtlety. It’s not only your task to wonder how to move a grand piano. The gradual process helps you but only with those professionals who know exactly how they do it. The above three factors make a piano a big issue when it comes to moving.

Do you want to avoid that complexity and sit back and relax while professionals move it for you? Make sure you tick all the boxes when stepping into the process.

Hiring your professionals

A Professional doesn’t only know what all they do but they also know exactly how to do it. Piano normally weighs hundreds of kilos and it’s not an easy job to carry around. Carrying it without improper equipment always poses a risk of damage to the piano as well as injury to the person involved. No matter how strong the piano looks, it is equally delicate. The polish done on the outer surface needs to be protected very carefully as minor scratches are just on the cards. The outside objects pose a challenge for the professionals to squeeze out such a huge device through those small spaces.

Preparing the piano for moving

Even if the piano is very safe to move, don’t do it by yourself. Even if the wheels allow you to do so, they are made only to move for a few inches and not more. Preparing a piano is not very complex. Wrapping a piano before moving is always recommended to protect from minor scratches which is the most common outcome. The services you hire always have that blanket even if you don’t have one.

The storage of a piano

Contradictory to the belief of many, the storage requires some piano moving supplies as well. It is primarily to avoid the depreciation it undergoes during that time. Maintenance of a piano is not only moving it with care but of storing it in a stable temperature and the recommended humidity. The wood is vulnerable to corrode with time. Eventually, if the outer surface is damaged, the sound of the piano will also change. It needs to be stored and placed on a level service.

Tuners and movers combined

In order to avoid most of your piano storage cost, take suggestions from the movers who act as piano tuners as well. During movement, the piano will get altered from the inside even if they don’t want it. It’s a very common process and that is why piano tuners need to focus on some loosened strings.

Now that you know what to expect from your piano movers and tuner service, it becomes an easier job. Go through the whole process so that the convenience is on your feet even while that complex relocation of your place of stay.

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