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A monochromatic colour scheme features a well-balanced palette of varying colours from the same hue. Basically, this means using a single family of colour in your entire room. This trend is being picked up by many homeowners simply because a monochromatic palette looks effortlessly put together. If you want an easy-to-maintain yet polished-looking home, here’s how you can achieve this trend.

Start with one room

If you aren’t sure how long you’ll appreciate the look this design offers, starting with just one room is a good strategy. Begin with a relatively smaller place, such as a bathroom, to make this remodelling project more manageable. Using an inherently balanced palette on your comfort room tends to look clean, calming, and spacious anyway. In a sense, you can never go wrong with a mono-coloured bathroom.

Intrigue through textures and patterns

Earth-tone colours like white, grey, brown, beige, sage green, various shades of blue, and black are perfect when creating a mono-coloured bathroom. Once you’ve decided on which colour to centre your focus on, many interior designers will encourage you to play with textures and patterns. Since you will be dealing with colours that belong to the same family tree, you can let your creativity unleash through texture and pattern play.

When choosing a texture, you can do so based on surface quality. Choose between rough or smooth, hard or soft, bumpy or flat, and dull or shiny. Rough textures have a warm vibe to them, making your bathroom appear rustic. Such is the case with wooden options. Smooth and polished surfaces, on the other hand, look airy, lighter, and more stylish. This is the case with matt and marble textures. When using tiles, do so in moderation; otherwise, an abundance of tiles is overwhelming. If you wish to give some oomph your shower enclosure, make shower wall panels your friend. Gone is the era of dull shower cabins. The varying texture will add flair, character, and depth to your bathroom, so it is essential to create a cohesive overall look.

Choose interesting fixtures

Displaying minimally coloured bathroom fixtures goes well with queer and quirky towel racks. Their contrasting elements are no less than interesting and impressive, giving off a planned imperfection vibe. The main fixtures you will have to plan for are the toilet, sink, shower, tub, and taps.

When it comes to choosing your throne, select one that will last and that promotes environmental sustainability through an effective flush model. There are seamless and bulky types which can complement the look you’re going after. When it comes to tubs and showers, acrylic options are durable without breaking the bank. When it comes to sinks, the vessel types are trendy nowadays and are very easy to maintain. They go well with wall-mount taps too which gives off clutter-free vibes.

Multi-coloured designs tend to look busy, whereas the monochromatic look is soothing to the eyes. It provides a beautiful contrast despite the uniformity, and it never goes out of style. Starting this look in your bathroom will surely leave you wanting more.

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