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You can measure the performance of a Digital Marketing campaign using multiple tools like – Google Analytics, SEMrush, etc. whereas, it always requires a great effort to identify if your print campaign is performing well or not.

The amount of data collected using digital marketing tactics makes print campaigns seem like old school techniques. There are, however, many ways to measure the success of print campaigns.

But first, you need to have a clear goal with a print advertisement and what you require your customer to do at the end. For example, suppose you want your clients to reach out to your physical location or website; you should mention this in your offer. There are also some other methods to measure the effectiveness of print advertising digitally.

But that being said, the most vital stage is the setup. Employ the tips below before starting the campaign so you can collect as much precise data as possible.

Here are some ways you can track and evaluate a print campaign:

Use unique landing pages for the campaign

A customized landing page also allows you to utilize web analytics tools to weigh traffic to your website, ROI, data about the customer, conversion rates, etc. You can link Landing Pages to your Google Analytics’ marketing campaign tracker easily. It will help you to measure parameters like the average time anyone spends on your page, the range of conversions, the purchased amount and the location where they left the website.

Like with digital ads, you can then use website analytics to measure return on investment (ROI), traffic, conversion rate, and other vital statistics that give you insight into the number of people who visited the page and how many visitors converted into customers.

You can also try to use separate landing pages within the same campaign to understand which adverts perform better and where your response rate is highest. For example, you can use different landing pages for a mail brochure and a large billboard to see which one interests the most visitors and convert them into customers.

It would help if you kept in mind that prospects reading a printed piece need to type in the URL in their browser. Therefore the URL should be:

  • Easy for the prospect to type without typos
  • Use term(s) related to the campaign

Create a short URL

Tools like Bitly can help you generate short URLs for your redirection domains for the print campaign. Also, using a Bitly account, you can track your link activity.

You can create custom short URLs that are easy to remember and help you track engagement with a URL shortening app such as Tiny. cc or

You have to paste the original URL, which is long, and these apps will generate short links pointing to the same page.

It would be best to keep in mind that some shortening apps use random characters such as C08p5W. These can be hard to copy correctly, especially if you try to use them on a printed flyer.

Use Special Offers or Discount Codes

For a successful print campaign, you need to offer or give your customers something and show that you value them.

Flyers and booklets are suitable for vouchers that customers can use to get a discount when shopping with you or even forgetting something free of cost. Hand them out at public places or include them in packages that you send to existing customers. Whichever way you choose to distribute them, coupons are an effortless way of tracking the effectiveness of your print advertising campaign and will make your customer feel valued.

Like landing pages, create exclusive coupon codes for different advertising methods and use the data gathered to see which is the most effective one for your business. You can measure coupon codes like any other aspect of the digital campaign, you will know precisely where a visitor has come from when they redeem a discount code.

You can also use that information to create more crisp and demographically targeted campaigns in the future.

Get Advantage from a new campaign model – Google Performance Max Campaign

Google Performance Max campaign is an online marketing strategy that uses the automated optimization of budget and bids across all Google platforms to enhance leads and conversions. The goal of Google Performance Max campaign is to improve the ROI of your online marketing spend by increasing the quality and quantity of leads and conversions while reducing your costs per lead and conversion.

Set up a Unique Point of Contact

Using dedicated Phone numbers & call tracking is a great way to weigh the success of your print campaign. In addition, many software will help you record conversations to analyze later and improve your call next time.

Forwarding all outreach emails to a single line of contact enables you to track the unique number of responses, as well as the reaction of your prospect.

Implement QR codes

A QR code can help you make your print campaign more appealing and interactive. You can add a unique barcode to anything you print virtually, such as direct mail, brochures, business cards, signage, and poster boards.

Customers can scan the QR codes with the help of their smartphones to see the information about their required product and videos on your website, coupons, special offers, competitions, and giveaways. QR codes are also helpful in storing valuable customer information like their location and the total number of people who scanned the QR code. There are many free online tools like QR code generators, which can help you quickly create your unique QR codes.

Ask Your Clients      

You can ask your clients the question, how did they find you? Your clients might have found you on the print and followed your website for further interaction. They may have seen your advert on signage, in a printed publication, a flyer and then again on social media.

You should include lead forms that confine this question on your website, and sometimes, to cheer your clients to fill lead forms, you can offer them something in return.

The secret for a successful print campaign is stability, clear messaging, a great design, the right product and a far-fetched call to action that gets instant results or branding that builds trust and creates rapport among your customer.

If you’d like help executing a print campaign, we at Snap would be happy to help!

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