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Why Do You Need to Know About Sternum Tattoos

Tattoos have become a big thing in the modern world for a couple of reasons including a way of expressing yourself and standing out in terms of looks and fashion nowadays. Celebrities and social media play a big role and everyone from your favorite influencer to mainstream star is showing off and making tattoos more accessible and hundred percent socially acceptable.

Some people even turn to tattoos as a kind of therapy that helps them deal with emotions and stuff and gives them internal strength, let us not forget that tattoos give this amazing creative vibe and serve as a wearable art that displays someone’s style.

With different tattoo styles and trends constantly getting popped on your mobile screens, sternum tattoos have suddenly turned into a culture and instilled themselves in the lives of everyone.

What is a Sternum Tattoo?

So, talking about the main topic, Sternum tattoos are also known as underboob or chest tattoos and they are these cool designs you get right on your breastbone which is below the boobs. Adding to that, they come in all shapes and sizes from small and simple to big and complex.

Now, there are a bunch of designs to choose from like flower arrangements and meaningful phrases and also other random designs and symbols that speak to you.

What is a Sternum Tattoo

But, there is one thing more important for you to know and that is the pain because sternum tattoos are a bit intense and the lack of padding over the bones and that hard spot between the pecs make it quite the experience.

So, if you are someone willing to have a sternum tattoo then you should choose an artist carefully and when you are in that chair, it is best not to wear anything on top since the artist needs a clear spot to place the tattoo just right. Of course, it is advised that you are comfortable with your artist because you will be showing some chests during the process.

What are some popular designs of small Sternum tattoo?

Well, there are some awesome design ideas to consider if you are thinking about getting a sternum tattoo. The market is filled with many artists who are willing to craft their art on your skin and make the magic happen.

What are some popular designs of small Sternum tattoo

And so below are some of the most popular designs of sternum tattoos:

  • Flower Arrangements
  • Meaningful phrases
  • Mystical designs
  • Geometric patterns

These are some of the main sternum tattoo designs that you can look for and design on your body in order to feel more confident and look attractive and different from others.

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How have Sternum Tattoo women become so famous?

Sternum Tattoos which are also called under-boob or chest tattoos have gained popularity as a unique way of self-expression in the past years. They are inked directly on the breaststroke, and we must tell you, sternum tattoos for women take on a different style flowing underneath the breast and following the body’s natural curves.

Whether big or bold or small and subtle, sternum tattoos are both easy to hide and show off and therefore are becoming famous among people and on social media. However, despite their attractiveness, the process of designing can be somewhat painful.

Celebrities like Rihana and Miley Cyrus have played a role in supporting the sternum trend and contributed to the allure of these tattoos as a meaningful way for individuals to express their personal style and individuality.

On what part of your body can you ink a Sternum tattoo?

When it comes to getting inked people often choose specific body locations for various reasons, and so, places like the wrist and ankle are popular for smaller designs while the back and upper arm are perfect canvases for larger and more complicated tattoos. The ear, neck, and shoulder blades are often picked for their modesty so they are good spots for small and meaningful designs.

How have Sternum Tattoo women become so famous

On the other hand, the chest, upper thigh, and hip are favored for their visibility allowing for more detailed and eye-catching designs. And so each spot has its unique vibe and suitability for different tattoo styles hence creating a wide canvas for self-expression.

Are there any risks involved with sternum tattoos for women?

We have already answered this question but once again we remind you that you brace yourself for some pain since there is not much padding over the bone, and so the needle pain can be quite intense.  Also, healing can be tricky as well, so you must watch out for sun exposure, baths, and pool chlorine as they might invite infections and mess with the process. 

Are there any risks involved with sternum tattoos for women

Fashion-wise deciding what to wear during and after the session might be a question since sternum tattoos often showcase a good chunk of your upper body and tattooing over bones can be a bit uncomfortable.

Also adding to that, proper aftercare is crucial so you must team up with a skilled artist so that he or she ensures that your tattoo heals like a charm and the output is alike your dream.

Final Words on Sternum Tattoos

In conclusion, we say that sternum tattoos are so popular because they are attention-grabbing and look cool, and they let you express your own style. You can easily hide them or show them, hence making them a choice for many people.

However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind, and that is the pain and the aftercare which need to be taken into account and handled with a lot of patience and care.

Adding to that, tattooing over bone is never a walk in the park because it hurts and the sternum area is no exception. It is like getting poked right on the bone which is not the most pleasant sensation for everyone.

To make sure you have a smooth tattoo experience, you must catch a talented artist, pick a design you love, and follow their aftercare tips carefully. That way, you will be able to tackle any unpleasant situation that might come your way.

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