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First Ashes Test and Australia’s first innings! When the match started, the slow bowlers began to dominate and the

but steve smith ton gave australia lead in first test of ashes series

First Ashes Test and Australia’s first innings! When the match started, the slow bowlers began to dominate and the first day’s we can see that bollower dominated batsmen, only 196 runs was scored, while the rain interruption remained only around an hour. England’s first innings was solw 302, was score which england took 4 session to score those run. Then came Australia’s turn, thire was the pressure of the bowlers on the australian batsman, but Kangaroo captain Steve Smith was in another mood . australia inning It was just like the innings of England but the series of unique records started with Smith’s innings. On the second day when Smith came to bat for Australia before lunch, the Kangaroos had lost two wickets. smiths had started to built the innings with Warner, that Warner was also got out before tea break and australia team reduced to 3 for 76 at tea. At the beginning of the third session, with the fourth wicket falling, the crisis of Australia team went deeper and felt that the match would leave Australia in deep trouble the second day. But just like Smith did not even start the story. Smith, playing with patience, not only brought his team out of the crisis but started a series of records. When he completed the half-century just before the end of the second day’s play, he was the first half-century in the Ashes as captain. Smith is a player who has scored at least fifty runs in every series of his game, it is his 19th series and he has managed to keep his record strong in this too. But neither the match was over nor Smith’s innings, smith continued to scored run, even though it was slowl inning according to his standard. The first test of the third day was full of challenges but Smith remained frozen. Even after lunch, and before going to tea, he completed his century but took his team out of the crisis as well and scored 141 runs to the end and returned unbeaten on the team’s exit. Simultaneously, the team got a significant psychological edge of 26 runs.When the century was complete, people started paying attention to the records and the records show on Records. But the most important thing is that “relativant” is one of the best innings innings innings. But embarrassing too, the 21st century of career is the slowest century, it can not be a matter of joy. But this slow-slow century is giving lots praise, the bowlers have taken a lot of testing of the batsmen as result steve smith’s broke hi own record slow centuary Earlier, he had took 227 balls against India. But this time 263 balls took the ball. But it was also appreciated, because of timing and demand of suituation . in this match steve smith broke sachhin tendulkar records. Yes, this is true. this was Smith’s 21st century. But how many matches this record is about. Now Smith has become the third batsman in the world to score the fastest 21st century. Smith has scored 21 centuries in just 105 innings and ahead him Don Bradman (56 innings), Sunil Gavaskar (98 innings). At the same time Tendulkar took (110 innings), Mohammad Yusuf (120 innings) had completed 21 centuries. but Smith did it in 105 innings. Smith is playing for the first time as captain in the Ashes series and as a captain in Ashes it was his debut. In the debut innings, the captain made history by scoring a century, but in terms of statistics, a new hope for Australia also woke up. Smith has just become the 5th player to do this. Before Smith, Ryan McLaren had done this in 1897 (109), Monte Knobley (133) in 1903, Herbie Collins (114) in 1924 and Steve Waugh (105) in 2001. Apart from this, the interesting thing is that in the past 39 years, whenever a captain has scored a hundred in Brisbane in the Ashes, the same team has won in the Ashes. In 2006/07, Ricky Ponting (Australia won 5-0), Andrew Strauss (England won 3-1) in 2010/11, and Michael Clarke (Australia won 5-0 in 2006/07). This time it will be interesting to see if such a statistic will keep its magic. England began their second innings with a fall of 26. By the time they had cleared it Cook had gone to the opener’s sucker punch. Josh Hazlewood, the least impressive of the Australian bollwer in the first innings, he bowled bouncer; Cook hooked without control and Mitchell Starc on the boundardy hold a fine tumbling catch.]]>

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