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Stocks You Should Invest Into in 2021Stocks You Should Invest Into in 2021

Investing your money in the stock market in 2021 can become a gold mine in the future. With all the turmoil of 2020, certain stocks can be purchased at a steal right now. Not only that, the way society is changing, some industries are going to do well as our way of life changes.

Figuring out what to invest in right now can be difficult for some. Luckily for you, we are going to look at a few stocks, and watch how they fare this year. If you do your homework, investing in the stock market can be a sound place to put your money. Now, let’s check out the stocks on my radar.

Square Inc

Square Inc is in the credit card processing business. Their business model is perfect for the trying times we are going through. They have devices that can accept credit card payments in the field without any hand to hand contact.

They also accept online payments, and they have an online e-commerce platform where retailers can do business. Their stock price is at $271, which is a $70 increase from two weeks ago.

Castle Biosciences

Within the last two weeks Castle Biosciences’ stock went from $60 to over $90. This company makes tests for skin cancers. They have only been around since 2007, but their stock volume is over 270 thousand. Their market cap is over 2.3 billion, and within the last year their stock rose over 400%.


UPS is that company with all the brown trucks that brings you your goods. This company was truly needed in the past year, and they rose to the occasion. Their service was in high demand, and it showed with their activity in the stock market.

Within a year’s time, the UPS stock went from $82 to $178. The daily volume for their stock is 3.91 million. The stock’s volume is the number of transactions they do in a day.


Within the last six month, the Ford stock went from around $6 to over $11. Ford is a blue chip stock that’s not going anywhere. With these low prices, it would be a good idea to keep an eye on Ford.

Ford makes some of the best American built vehicles, and they announced that they will be putting a lot of money into their electric car program from now to 2025.


Organigram is a company based out of Canada that cultivates and sells medicinal and recreational marijuana. The cannabis industry is doing very well right now. This company has been around since 2013, and all of their products are organic.

Within the last six month, their stock went from one dollar to four dollars, and at one point, it was at six dollars.

The us stock market can be your best friend or your worst enemy. The key is to research the stocks you are interested in, and monitor the Dow Jones today and the other index to see if any trading opportunity raises.

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