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The financial market is filled with sharp movements. In such a scenario, you can either have to be extra careful or go on a carefree spree. Experts believe that too much wariness is unnecessary and might bring negative impacts. Invest judiciously, utilize the benefits of good returns, understand the importance of mutual fund SIP, avail convenient liquidity plans, and judge beforehand using a mutual fund tracker, and you are good to go.

Key Takeaways

  • This article will underline market strategies that are important in the context of mutual funds.


  • You will get the hang of the basics of mutual fund investments through these strategies.


  • You will have clarity about mutual fund SIP and learn to generate moderate to high returns with patience.


  • Also, you will know of the best mutual fund trackers and their importance in mutual fund investments.


Let us now directly get into the approaches of investing in mutual funds.

Some Useful Strategies

●      Wing-It Method

This is probably the most popular among beginner-level investors. It yields the least effective results. The wing-it method practically plays the cards according to your whims without being bound by any particular plan. However, a structure is necessary, which we will talk about in the coming few strategy options.

●      Choose Mutual Fund SIP

The volatility of the financial market in any given situation is always on the higher side. So, you often do not tend to benefit from making significant one-time contributions to fund houses. SIPs or systematic investment plans come to your rescue in such cases. They bring discipline to your investment structure by maintaining donations at regular intervals. These plans also benefit you if you have limited contributions since the lower bracket goes as low as Rs 500.

●      Balance your Investments

An intelligent method to ensure that you are doing it right is spreading out your investments throughout various asset classes. Investing all your holdings in equity assets can be risky. Your entire portfolio may get affected if there is significant market turbulence in the asset class in which you have invested. Hence, balance your portfolio and go on to choose debt assets and hybrid mutual funds along with equity products as well. Refer to a mutual fund tracker to get an idea of your returns.

●      Buy and Hoard

Mutual fund SIP involves a lot of calculations. Other strategies also have their sets of nuances and complexities. However, there is probably nothing more straightforward than buying an investment and holding it to yourself until you profit from it. It is a proven strategy for long-term investors who do not wish to go into the intricacies of the market’s ups and downs now and then. Warren Buffet advocates this strategy and for the right reasons of safety and ease of employment.

Some Benefits of Mutual Fund SIP

  • Your investments get regularly compounded under the scheme of mutual fund SIP. Your returns again get invested, and in turn, you get maximum gains. This gives you a scope of manifold profit.


  • Take baby steps until you can make it big. If you start with low initial investments, you can continue the process of contributing for a longer time. Mutual fund SIP eventually allows you to reach your goal smoothly.


  • SIP is popular because of its convenience. If you do not have the time to research the financial market thoroughly, you can rely on SIPs and still gain periodically.

Some Mutual Fund Trackers and Their Uses

  • myCAMS – Starting from initiating a mutual fund portfolio to redeeming your funds, myCAMS is one of the leading mutual fund trackers with a practical approach.


  • Money Control – This multilingual application is an all-rounder. You can manage any mutual fund portfolio from this platform, and you can also view your stock performance through this application.


  • KfinKart – Similar to myCAMS, this is an all-in-one dashboard for your investment activities. This mutual fund tracker is also rich in design and interface. You can also keep track of your returns and tab your investments out using this tracker.

Mutual fund tracker is an essential tool for sorting out your mutual fund investments. They are usually available across various online OS stores.


Mutual funds are market instruments that have become trendy investment schemes. However, having a disciplined and robust set of strategies is vital if you want to perform well in mutual fund investments.

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