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Stress acts differently for everyone. It comes with physical fatigue for some whereas negative emotions and crying for others. High levels of stress can come with a combination of above and other symptoms like worry, fear, insomnia and breathing issues. No one wants to be friends with stress and anxiety for long term wellness and hence, here are some self care tips you can go for when you have less time.

When statistics are taken into account, more than 75% of adults face moderate levels of stress for a few months in their life. It accounts as the major health concern for US and Australian teens. In order to keep yourself healthy and have a fruitful mind, here are the stress relieving games for you.

Self Care Tips You Can Go For When You Have Less Time

1. Bubble Wrap

Who doesn’t love the sound of bubble wrap? Bubble wrap popping is a great way to cut out stress anywhere you are, be it home or workplace. Exploding the bubbles filled with air using your fingers gives immense relaxation and stress relief.

The best part is that now you can even play bubble wrap games on your phone nowadays.

 2. Schedule Quick Exercise

If stress is making you crazy, it’s time to schedule a break for 15 minutes for intense release of negativity. It could be a quick walk in nature, 50 jumping jacks, running for 30 seconds or 20 pushups. When you perform an activity with intensity, you are able to activate various neurotransmitters that relaxes your mood.

 3. Massage Yourself

Your body and skin knows that you are under great stress. When you work out on the skin by massaging different muscles, your brain understands it. You instantly find the areas tension is stuck and relax yourself. For example, massaging your neck, shoulders and different points on the palm can immediately make you conscious and active again.

4. Painting

Believe it or not, painting or coloring beautiful designs is much stress relieving than ever thought. It is not necessary that everyone has to try coloring on a piece of paper but one can also do it digitally. For the best version of yourself, search for ‘mandala’ or different patterns, print it out and start with it.

Even when you are in your office and stressed, forget about the work and spare 10 minutes for this relaxing activity when you have less time.

 5. Paper Toss

Paper toss is a wonderful stress relieving game where one can focus on a bin, roll the pieces of paper and shoot straight into it. We don’t mean to waste the paper here but make sure that you put these rolled paper for recycling later on. Coming to the stress relieving game, paper toss can actually help in keeping your mind straight and fixing the stress instantly.

 6. Stretch Your Body

If you wonder how stretching your body can relieve you from stress then you must try and experience it. All you need to do is get out of the stressed zone, breathe in to stretch your hands up in the sky and release the breath. With that, try other stretching exercises that ultimately soothes you.

 7. Meditation

Meditation is the best way to keep all the stressful thoughts aside and become mindful of your work. With meditation, you can perform deep breathing exercises that help calming you instantly. Even if you get 5-10 minutes, meditation is a really powerful way to make things right, on the couch of your home itself.

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8. Play Offline Games

Games like rubik’s cube, carrom, ludo, puzzles or chess would actually put you in a position where you can focus on one thing and play the game. These games are highly effective in resolving stress that is keeping you bound for a long time. You may have to give some time to think and put in efforts to find the solutions. Probably, the best way to forget about your problems and relax.


After learning about stress relieving games to try at home, we believe that you would find yourself relaxed and calm. Another thing, if you are panicking and feeling anxious due to stress, just make sure that you leave the particular room for sometime and perform stress relieving activities.

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