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SandblastingStripping Powder Coating By Sandblasting: How Is It Done?

If you have experienced or are part of an industry that involves any kind of metal or wood or plastic, you should be familiar with the terms sandblasting or abrasive blasting. Graco Paint Sprayer is also, a great option for a coating that makes your work easier.

But if you are not aware, you will be by the end of this article. Let us guide you through the process of stripping powder coating by sandblasting and understand how it is done. It is immensely essential to understand these processes if you think you’d be involving them in your business. Having a clear idea of what they are and how it is done will help you find the right agency to do the work for you. 

Before understanding how sandblasting is used to strip powder coating, you need to understand the two types of surface treatment, that is, powder coating and sandblasting. It is necessary to understand the processes of these treatments so that you get extra knowledge of them, and know that the agency is doing an ethical and honest job. So let us dive right into it, from some definitions to how it actually works.

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a kind of treatment done on different surfaces and is a dry finishing process as the material applied on surfaces is a dry coating. To give a fine and glossy finish the coating material consists of finely ground material usually of resin and pigment to add color. Other materials are added into it depending on the surface being treated, for specific functions like glossiness or matte finish, or hardness. 

This formula of different particles is used as spraying on the surface, melting them, and later hardening them to form an even coating. There are two types of powder coating that are done on different surfaces depending on their type. They are electrostatic spray deposition and fluidised bed application. This process is quite different from the conventional option of liquid painting which is coated with an evaporating solvent. 

We can see many examples of surfaces around us that have undergone this surface treatment and they are tables, lamps, laundry machines, refrigerators, stoves, etc. All these appliances are usually seen around our household, so it is hard to miss out on how different surfaces feel and look. You must have noticed how all of these appliances have a clean and smooth finish, and that is the doing of powder coating. 

What Is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is a process whereby using high pressure against a surface, abrasive particles are sprayed on it, usually with an air compressor using a powdered machine on a surface. This process is also known as abrasive blasting and is used for processes like removing paint, rust, and other residues off any surface. It is also used to remove scratches, casting marks, or uneven particles from a surface and change the condition of the metal. 

For over a century, sandblasting is known to have been used as a cleaning metal for different surfaces. Even in today’s era, it is extremely convenient and helpful in many industries to maintain their manufacturing products and refine them. Therefore, when it comes to removing a powder coating done on any surface, wet blasting systems can be the best option.

Benefits Of Sandblasting

This process helps in more ways than just cleaning residues from surfaces. Some of the benefits of using sandblasting on different surfaces are as given below;

Cleaning different surfaces

  • One of the main advantages and the reason why the method is so popular is because of its excellency in cleaning different surfaces. It is one of the best ways to maintain and protect your products from corrosion, scratches, or any other damages that may occur on the surface. It cleans away the residue and if the surface is uneven with dust particles or scratches, it helps in smoothing it out. As a result, you will be left with a shiny and smooth surface on your products.

Abrasive blasting saves up

  • Abrasive blasting saves up a lot of time. Reading about the procedure people may assume that it is a long and tiring process for your products to undergo this method. But on the contrary, sand blasting sydney works incredibly fast as it cleans and gives a satisfying finish to the surface efficiently and in no time. The process fasts saving a lot of time and makes it cost-efficient too. This way you will also be able to clean as many surfaces in a short period of time. 

Removing old paint

  • Another popular use of the sandblasting method is that it helps in removing old paint. There have been plenty of instances where the products or appliances would be working fine, but with time they just end up looking gaudy and untidy. A lot of people get rid of their appliances because they no longer fit their aesthetic. Instead, if they let the products undergo a surface treatment, they will be left with the same products but looking brand new and fresh. You can always choose to remove old paint and choose whatever pigment of your choice that suits the product the best. 

Steps For Removing Powder Coating Using Sandblasting

This process can be done in several ways in a specially built space indoors or outdoors, like an enclosed cabinet. If the material isn’t that big, and small enough to fit the cabinet, it can be passed through the machine to be blasted. Abrasive materials are used in order to get this process working and some of them are; sand, aluminium oxide, garnet, and silicon carbide. 

There are also different techniques called surface etching which is basically providing a single and uniform blasting to the surface which will provide a uniform texture. Then there is a method called staging, in which there are several stages to the blasting technique. Below mentioned are some of the ways in which you can remove the powder coating on surfaces using sandblasting;


  • Abrasive blasting on surfaces to remove the treatment of powder coating is also known as mechanical removal. Here abrasive media or media blasting that uses materials like sand, gets shot using high pressure on the already treated surface coating. This method, when done correctly, strips off the coating on the surface. 
  • Because the process involves using high pressure and speed to remove the coating, this needs to be done in a closed cabinet to avoid other complications. Sandblast cabinets are specially built into two main types for the following reasons; pressure and suction. 
  • In this case, where we intend to remove the surface treatment, the most suited cabinet would be the pressure sandblast cabinet. This is a better option as it helps in stripping off all the stubborn coating on the surface that you are treating. In case the product is too big to fit in a cabinet, it is best to keep them in a sandblast room or tent. 


You are not familiar with what the terms are and the process, but where can you find a trusted source or agency to provide you with professional work. It is extremely important that you find a reliable agency who knows their job well and is professional and experienced in it. If you are looking for an abrasive blasting service in Melbourne, then Doogood Surface Coating and Powder Coating will provide you with the best.

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