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class 9 maths worksheets

The 9th class is very much important as the next year will be the board class. There are many things to be kept in mind while preparing for this subject maths. There is huge requirement of mental abilities and skill in learning this subject. One requires great focus and concentration to have mastery over the subject. One must study the mathematics class 9 in the best manners as this is the base of class 10th.

  • One must have a notebook for theorems and formulas so that one can practice them a day before the exam.
  • Practice of the questions is the only key to score good marks in the exam.
  • One must develop the habit to solve the paper in 3 hours so that there is no last moment stress among the people.
  • One must give importance to chapters with high weight age.
  • One must solve previous years papers to gain confidence in solving the things.
  • One must pay proper attention to topics like geometry and mensuration as they have more marks weight age.

 Some of the chapter wise tips are as follows:

1) The number systems: one must be well versed with the definitions that are included in the chapter so that there is no problem with the students. People must be thorough about the things in this chapter.

 2) The polynomials: this is one of the easiest and scoring topics in the whole syllabus. People must know this chapter very well.

 3) The coordinate geometry: one must thoroughly go through the NCERT book in the case of this chapter as it will be enough for it.

4) Linear Equations in 2 Variables: one must know the art of making the graphs and then solving the questions.

5) The Euclid’s geometry: this is only the theory based chapter and one must have the idea about the theorems.

 6) The lines and angles: one must know different angles and other related things to them.

 7) The chapter of triangles: one must have an idea about the types and properties of triangles.

 8) Quadrilaterals: one must have an idea about the types and properties of quadrilaterals.

 9) The mensuration: one must be well versed with the formulas and their applications.

 10) The circles: there are many theorems which can be grasped by practice only.

 11) Constructions: this is the practical part and one must have the idea to draw them.

 12) Heron’s Formula: the formula and related things must be clear in the student’s mind.

 13) Surface Areas and Volumes: applications of various formulas is the main thing here.

 14) Statistics: this is the most scoring and easiest topic in the whole course.

 15) Probability: another good topic with great weight age.

 One can practice the class 9 maths worksheets in order to develop speed and find out the ways to manage the things in the exams. This is the most effective way to study and practice in order to score good marks.

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