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Custom Packaged Boxes

Marketing is quite a diverse field of business, and there are many trends and elements that are influenced by the advancement of technology and ever changing consumer behavior. Traditionally, business companies used to emphasize on the quality of the product, which was made for the purpose of fulfilling a consumer need or want. But, with time and access to resources, business companies shifted their focus and allowed consumers to dictate the design and quality changes. We live in a fast changing digital environment where businesses are becoming customer centric and offering a wide range of customizations. 

Packaging is one element that has made marketing more dynamic, and today, the packaging industry stands over $900 billion all across the world and continues to grow. In these fast moving times, the consumer impression of a product should never be overlooked. In a store, there is constant competition going on between brands as similar products are kept side by side on a counter or shelf. The consumer’s first choice will be a brand that he/she always prefers and uses, but a new brand can make a mark solely due to its exquisite and attractive packaging that can force the customer to buy that product. 

A few years back, there was a standard and conventional mode of packaging that was used by business companies, but with time new ideas and designs were introduced, and now packaging has become an essential aspect of branding and achieving diversification. The introduction of custom packaging has contributed immensely in allowing business companies big and small and even startup organization to use distinctive and stylish packaging to display their products. 

Where to Get Packaging Boxes?

The packaging companies know about the changing trends and have implemented practices and methods to offer custom boxes that are designed and developed according to given specifications. The best thing is that custom boxes can be designed according to a particular dimension, size, style, color, functionality, and labeling options. The reasons to employ services of packaging companies for design and development of custom boxes are

  • Enhancing the brand’s visual appeal

The use of plain boxes is long gone, and now custom packaging adds a professional touch to the overall marketing of the product. Business companies have the luxury to apply certain themes with a creative logo, brand name, tagline, vibrant artwork, and other technical details of the product. 

  • Increasing sales

The alluring and captivating packaging style will entice the customers to buy the product, which will increase the sales and, subsequently, the revenue. But the first hurdle is to convince the customers and present the product in the best manner. 

  • Turn potential customers into regular customers

The startup organizations have numerous challenges, and one of them is increasing their customer base. The packaging is the bridge that can directly connect a business company with its target audience. The incredible styles and sizes of the custom boxes can really grab the customers who are always on the lookout to expand their preferences and try different products. 

  • Affordable and Cost-effective

The cardboard material is mostly used in custom mailer boxes that is inexpensive as compared to other packaging materials. Every startup business has a limited budget and relies heavily on taking advantage of technology and packaging to make a mark and win over its target audience. The packaging companies offer wholesale rates, which significantly lowers the cost of custom packaging. 

How Businesses can take Advantage of Custom Packaging

The startup companies and even small and medium businesses are looking to new ways to improve their packaging quality, and now they can easily fulfill this prospect by employing services of reputable packaging provider that provides simple steps to design packaging box online. The consumer buying decision solely depends on how well a product is communicated.

An established packaging company has the resources and creative team to produce even the most sophisticated designs and styles that can leave the customers in awe. The custom packaging has become quite important, and it can clearly be seen by the fast-growing trend of unboxing where a user talks everything about the product and firstly by the way the content is packaged. The unboxing videos are shared by thousands of people on the internet, which can further reflect the qualities of custom boxes. 

The packaging company uses all the techniques and methods that conform to the industry standard and give full luxury to clients and customers to choose everything from packaging material to printing options of their customized boxes. The creative team is already familiar with modern technology and software that is used to experiment with new styles and designs and then make authentic and practical packaging display design. As a client, you first have to specify your type of product, whether it is a retail product, cosmetic, or will the custom boxes will be used to store and deliver food products. 

The design team will take your details and first look if the given specifications match with an existing design or if it is a totally new style. The design team will also let you take a look at their portfolio of designs, where you can pick a style that can be best suitable for your product. The next step is choosing the packaging material, and the final step includes selecting the finishing options such as Gloss, Matte, or Spot laminations along with other customizations such as Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, and Raised Ink. There is also free design assistance where you can give your own original design, and the creative team can add the required subtle touches and make the design more prominent.

The Diverse Usage of Custom Boxes

The cool packaging design solely depends on the type of product and purpose. The custom boxes can efficiently be designed and developed for both professional and personal reasons. For example, a new bakery opening in the neighborhood may require high-quality bakery boxes to keep the range of its eatables while a person may be looking to get custom gift boxes to wrap and send gifts to his loved ones. 

It is also seen that once a box has served its initial purpose, then also it can be used for another purpose such as cardboard boxes, which can be used to store other household items and accessories. The best thing about custom packaging is that you can simply follow simple online steps to finalize the design and then get the boxes delivered to your proposed location, and then the custom boxes can be assembled easily. There is no ‘one size fits all,’ and you can either choose cardboard, Kraft, rigid, or corrugated boxes that can fulfill your objective. The luxury and fragile items require rigid and corrugated boxes, while the most popularly used is the cardboard and Kraft stock. 

The digital revolution has really added value and a new dimension to the custom boxes, and the offset and digital printing allow easy application of the text, color, artwork, logo, and other necessary information about the product. The packaging company offers a 3D mockup of the custom boxes, and you have the option to go ahead with the design or provide some modifications. 

The custom packaging is a very cost-effective solution as the packaging companies offer a considerable discount with wholesale rates that allow you to order in bulk quantity, and the quality of the boxes will not be compromised. The turnaround or delivery time is also quick, and the custom boxes reach the clients within 8 to 10 days. 

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