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YouTubers can successfully sell merch if they have enough followers who want to support their brand. They can use the sale of merch to subsidize their channel. Not all  YouTubers who try to sell merch are successful, and sometimes smaller channels with more dedicated followers are more successful than larger channels. It’s important to know some merch selling tips to be successful. 

Don’t start off with a large inventory

When selling merch for YouTube, you need to do it in such a way that you don’t lay out a large amount of money on inventory that doesn’t sell. By using a print-on-demand vendor, you don’t pay for products until you sell them. When a customer buys one of your hoodies, t-shirts or caps, the vendor prints the order and ships it. You can turn your brand designs into products that can make you money as and when orders come in. 

Work on building your following

If you consistently create engaging videos, your following will grow naturally. Building a large following does not necessarily mean you will be successful at selling merch, but it does mean that more eyes will see what you have to offer. If your followers love your content, they will keep coming back for more. The type of content you create can attract a very specific audience and encourage them to buy your products. Creating videos about upcoming merch can make them anticipate their release. 

Take your channel demographics into account

Your subscribers will only buy your merch if you take their demographics into account when designing it. You must keep in mind their age, gender, interests etc. What draws them to your channel? If you draw subscribers who are mostly in their 20s, they will only be interested in merch that’s suited to this age group – vibrant, trendy and colorful. They’re unlikely to want to wear the same designs or colors as someone in their 40s or 50s. 

Ask your subscribers what type of merch they would like to buy 

Asking what type of merch subscribers would like to buy from you makes sense. If you ask for their input and they see that you have implemented their suggestions, they are more likely to buy from you. Sometimes  YouTubers even collaborate with their subscribers to come up with designs. Many  YouTubers have inside jokes or catchphrases they use on their channels. This gives them the perfect opportunity to incorporate these into their merch. When merch is unique in this way, subscribers are more likely to buy it due to their desire to be included. 

Give them social proof that others are buying

One way to convince your subscribers to buy merch is by giving them social proof that others are buying it. Ask your subscribers to post photos on social media of them wearing your merch. They can include a specific hashtag with the photo. If you offer a giveaway or reward for doing so, this strategy can work very well. There are various other ways to offer social proof, and even retweeting positive comments about your merch can help you to build trust with your audience. 

Show subscribers your appreciation 

If you constantly show your subscribers your appreciation for them, they are less likely to believe that you are just after their money. When they do something to support you, such as writing a positive comment, you should always respond. Frequently giving shoutouts and giveaways helps to show subscribers that they are the reason why you do what you do and that you value their feedback. 

Spend time promoting your merch

If your merch just sits there and you don’t promote it, you are less likely to sell. If you wear your own merch in your videos, it’s a fun way to draw attention to it. Youtube also has some tools to help you promote your products. Certain restrictions apply to its use, but the Merch Shelf feature automatically creates a ‘store’ tab on your channel that allows you to add up to 12 products for sale. They appear directly under your videos. Make sure viewers can find your merch by linking to your shop in the details of each video and your channel header. 

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