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A common security device, the surveillance camera is often a complement to alarms to prevent burglaries. It is also an excellent device to support people with loss of autonomy, sometimes already equipped with a remote assistance device. Do you want to put it in your apartment, and you hesitate to install it when you have a small area? We answer your questions.

Have a home surveillance camera

Installing a surveillance camera at home is democratized. Connected and easily configurable cameras with an app, like Kiwatch cameras, make home surveillance very accessible. Indoors, all you have to do is plug in the device and place it in the right place, to immediately take advantage of the video surveillance features. Please note that you have every right to install such a security system in your home, nothing requires you to make specific statements, as long as only the interior of the home is visible in the images.

When do you need video surveillance?

As a prevention system, video surveillance is useful at all times. Intelligent event detection allows you to be alerted in the event of suspicious movement, sound in the home, or even a violation. The app then makes you react extremely quickly, whether by talking to the burglar to gain attention, sound an alarm, or to call for help. The camera is also useful in the event of potential damage. If, for example, you are away during a storm and you haven’t closed your shutters, a quick glance can be sure that the window hasn’t been broken and that your home is intact.

Is it useful in an apartment?

Burglaries also affect apartments, and houses are not the exclusive targets of malicious people. When the break-in is not obvious, it is difficult to obtain compensation from your insurance. Having a camera then makes it possible to create visual evidence for reuse. A backup of data in the Cloud makes this system particularly efficient. The thief will not be able to erase the data, even if he spots the camera and literally smashes it.

In addition to security issues, cameras are also tools of benevolence. Keeping an eye on your children, loved ones losing their autonomy, and even your pets is possible with a surveillance camera. In this sense, the camera becomes a real asset for everyday life. It facilitates remote communication, and reassures each member of the family.

Place your camera in a small area

Security cameras are almost always designed with wide-angle optics. This means that the image captures a wide field of vision. This is a solution that distorts the recorded image a bit, but the practicality outweighs the aesthetic here.

The placement of the camera in an apartment will mainly depend on the function for which you have adopted it. If it is to prevent malicious intrusions, you will rather place it so that you can see the main entrances (door, window). But if it is a device installed for video surveillance, it will be to monitor frequent areas of passage. In any case, take care never to put the camera in a place where it receives direct light. You will dazzle the image!

Camera in an apartment and condominium

As mentioned above, home surveillance cameras are absolutely legal. There is no legal provision encouraging you to seek the consent of a condominium trustee to set up a video surveillance solution. The main thing lies in the field of view of the camera, which must not capture the common areas and even less the homes of neighbors. On the other hand, if an employee intervenes in your home (household help, childcare, family caregiver, etc.), you are required to inform him of the presence of the camera.

The advantages of video surveillance to secure an apartment

    Keep an eye on your home in your absence

    Deterring intruders

    Be alerted in the event of an event at home

    React quickly

    Have video evidence

Are you now ready to install your cameras? We hope this article can be your guide! If you live in West Palm Beach and want to install surveillance cameras, contacting a professional security cameras west palm beach service is suggested.

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