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The use of a video projector is the easiest way to view and show data, images and videos to an audience, both in a private environment and in large public contexts. AV Set is one of the points of reference on the market, both for the rental of the products and for the complete installation and management service. Our projector park is constantly maintained and checked at the end of each service.

We have projectors that range from 3,000 lumens portable machines to large instruments that exceed 35,000 lumens. Each machine is equipped with trunks for transport by air and with all the accessories necessary for installation.

Multimedia projector rental

In addition to the multimedia projector on rent in Noida, you can also book other professional equipment by looking directly at one of our offices. At your disposal, you have a large catalog, where you can always find the right solution for your project.

All the equipment you see on our portal is available for rental directly at one of our offices, which are located throughout the national territory.

Professional video projector rental services are available for any type of event in the provinces of Noida, Delhi, and Gurgaon. We have several projectors with different resolutions and brightness, in order to provide the customer with the projector best suited to the event.

Projector rental service in Noida

Why is it convenient to rent projectors instead of thinking about a purchase? There are several reasons. First of all, the video projectors that Rent a Projector has available for its customers are always the latest models both in terms of managing analog and digital video inputs, and in terms of technology. This means a possible interconnection with any source, both video and IT. In addition, the correct choice of the projector will allow you to use the right projector in the perfect condition, without over or under lighting dimensions. Furthermore, with the rental of projectors, the equipment is always checked and cared for, rented in perfect condition. And the lamps are replaced when the life cycle of the lamp it compromises the correct brightness of the projector.

The experts of the rental of video projectors

Rent a Projector is a company specialized in the design, rental, and maintenance of audio-video systems and multimedia content, for the provinces of Noida, Delhi and Gurgaon region.

Thanks to the experience gained in the assistance sector of ultra-portable projectors and electronic and interactive whiteboards, we are able to face a myriad of different needs, offering solutions to the numerous problems that may arise in this regard.

We offer many services in Noida, Delhi, and Gurgaon which are mentioned below:

  • Design and installation of video projection systems and audio video systems for home cinema, meeting rooms, conference centers, public places
  • Rental of video projectors and projection screens
  • Installation of electronic and interactive whiteboards and Projector Screens
  • Rental of Laptops, iPads, Desktop, Public Address Systems for personal use
  • Projectors of famous brands such as Hitachi, Panasonic, BenQ, and Sony are available.

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