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Are you ready to get started with your weight loss goal for 2021? We are now 2 months into 2021 and you have not lost one pound.

HealthyWager lets you make a personal weight loss wager, and provides fun, powerful motivation. Pick your weight loss goal and wager, and enter your stats. Then, the Prize Calculator gives you a prize offer. You can play with the calculator all you like without commitment. When you’ve found the right goal and prize combination, make the bet and get started. There is no catch — if you lose the weight, you win the money. We pay you promptly via check or Paypal. We have paid out millions of dollars to winners in our challenges. We provide fun and accountability; you provide the effort! If you lose, your money goes to support HealthyWage, including prizes for people who win. The only question is: will you be among the winners?

Why should I make a HealthyWager?

Because it can make you more successful at losing weight—regardless of which diet or exercise program you are pursuing. A variety of recent academic research demonstrates that financial incentives triple the effectiveness of weight loss programs. HealthyWager applies those academic principles to make you more successful at weight loss. HealthyWager helps you establish a clear goal that has a significant positive impact on your health. HealthyWager also helps you establish a clear timeline to achieve that goal. Sign up now!

How does it work?

HealthyWager allows you to place a “bet” on your weight loss. At registration, you lay down your bet (you can pay all at once or once per month for the duration of your challenge). We pay your prize if you have achieved and maintained your goal at the end of the challenge. You have both your starting and ending weight verified using our verification system. Sign up now!

What is the most I can win?

The top prize offer is $10,000! Your prize offers will depend on how much you are thinking about wagering and on your personal data (e.g., your current weight). We give bigger prize offers to people who statistically have a harder time losing weight. There is no reason not to try the Prize Calculator (no commitment required) to see what kinds of prize offers you can get. Once you make your bet, your prize amount is guaranteed — it will not change.

What’s the catch with HealthyWage?

There is no catch with HealthyWage. To win your HealthyWager, you just need to achieve your goal in the timeframe you set up.

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