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Modern gaming is very different from what it looked like even just ten years ago, the rise of the online space has allowed for a much wider variety of gaming favorites to emerge from those bringing millions of players together in esports to a more individual experience that may have been traditionally in the brick-and-mortar space as players can read this review about William Hill betting site options becoming more available with the closure of physical stores. But how can players look to take advantage of modern gaming platforms for the best possible experience?

Mobile remains the home of cheap and cheerful – One aspect that has separated mobile gaming from other platforms has simply been within the very low cost of entry – the majority of games are either free or come with very low costs, often aimed at microtransactions or a premium option instead. When looking to play on a budget or looking to play something that may not be as demanding or time consuming, mobile will always be the first option chosen. 

PC can find some great deals and discounts – Whilst modern AAA titles are starting to reach into price brackets that may seem less obtainable, with many not surpassing $70 in the mid-range, there are often many greater deals to be found on different platforms like Steam and Epic, and even alternative methods to getting CD-Keys for products are a much cheaper rate too. Many players have been able to build up libraries of thousands of games without too much expense because of this and can lead to some very enjoyable experiences too. 

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Game Pass has been the answer for consoles – These options do also exist on PC but have certainly become the console answer to expensive gaming and a subscription service that should be taken advantage of for any player looking to try new games on a regular basis. Both the Xbox and PlayStation have their own version, and both are growing rapidly – it may be worth getting hold of additional storage to handle the large amount of game downloading that will be in store, but if the hopes are to try some of the latest big publisher games without dropping a substantial amount of money, this the best method for doing so, and with the recent big acquisitions with Blizzard Studios and similar, these game passes are only looking to expand far into the future too. 

Modern gaming platforms have a wide range of options available to take advantage of for lower cost and cheap gaming, and it has become a very accessible entertainment option for those who know where to look too.

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