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The fitness industry has exploded in the last 5 years with the rise of social media influencers and athleisure. But what about formalwear for fitness enthusiasts? As a fitness fanatic it is a commonly known issue for men with athletic physiques to struggle finding clothing that fits properly.

I discovered a brand called Tapered Menswear who design muscle fit shirts, T-shirts and polos for muscular guys and bodybuilders. As someone who struggles with this I thought it’s best to try them myself and give an honest review. My first impression of the website was good, the ordering experience was easy. The sizing guide was clear and I particularly liked the size reference with models. This made it much easier to choose my size but I also used their online chat service to confirm the right size for me.  My order took only 5 days to arrive. Below I describe each item I bought.

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Tapered Fit Dress Shirts

I bought a medium as per their size guide and this was also confirmed by their online support operator on live chat.  First and foremost the quality was fantastic. I ordered a White Tapered Fit Shirt which fit me like a glove. I find most shirts I buy tend to be loose around my waist but this is fitted very nicely. The material is stretchy so I can move around freely and it looks premium, at first because of the price point I was not sure but once I got my hands on it it’s worth the value. I bought this shirt just in time for summer and it feels breathable on hot evenings which I find other dress shirts are thicker and hold moisture a bit more. I can see why they pride themselves on their shirts because they really are unique.

Tapered Fit Polo Shirts

The polo shirt is everything I could want in a polo. The material is premium, so much so I was almost surprised based on the price. It is slightly thicker which gives more stretch, this made it even more comfortable for me. As expected after trying on the dress shirt the fit was exceptional. It not only fit my chest and waist perfectly but also was closely fitted around my arms. Although I don’t have particularly big arms this would certainly be appealing for more muscular men.

Overall I’m delighted with my purchase at Tapered Menswear. Not only do they fit me perfectly but the quality of the items are amazing. I would highly recommend this brand to anyone, but particularly if you have a more athletic physique because their clothes have a more specialised fit. Overall 10/10

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