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Tarot Reading

The Tarot deck had four suits, with each of the cards having different meanings and also energy. You can go through the free online tarot reading sessions to learn more about the tarot decks and the suits that we will be discussing in the write-up.

There are four suits of the tarot deck available. These are fire, earth, water, and air. All these suits are interrelated with each other. The energy of a suit and a card will have an impact on the daily tarot reading. The impact can be understood through various ways such as steadiness, mental energy, emotion, or a feeling.

For example, the knight of the cup is not the same as the knight of pentacles.

You can get the best interpretation of the cars through the aces.

The four different suits of the tarot decks are as follows:

  1. The Fire deck which is also known as the suit of wands. Just like the fire, this suit also signifies a strong dedication to achieve something. The main idea of this card is the creative spark and passion. This suit denotes the energy that is emerging for a relationship, or topic. This card also denotes creativity, intelligence, strength, and growth. The astrological signs represented by the card are Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius.
  1. The Earth deck does allow people to understand more about the tarot suits of pentacles as it is grounding energy. The energy and the suit are associated with different material possessions such as home, money, and other physical elements. The cards show up whether or not you will be stable financially as pentacles showcase trade, commerce, finance, possession, etc. The astrological signs associated with this card are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.
  1. The sword suit or Air deck represents mental energy. The function of this suit is to pinpoint emotions such as fears, worries, and doubts. The sword is double-edged, which represents the way our minds operate. Swords are the symbol of a mental level. It shows how people think, believe, and also their overall attitude. The astrological signs that are the part of this card are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.
  1. Water deck or the Suit of Cups do notify that emotions and intuitions act in the same manner. Our intuition and emotions are so deep that it is very difficult for a human being to understand them.

When working with the suit of cups, take these into account with the element of water. Ask yourself what emotions run deeply within you, and how does your intuition flow through your life when pulling cup cards in your readings. Cups often show up in relationship to intuition, love, and family matters. Cups are also associated with different sorts of emotions. They also have to do with relationships and the overall emotional aspects of consciousness. The astrological signs associated with this particular card are Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio.

Generally, as we have seen, each of the decks has its meaning and how it makes the elements strong. Also, the decks increase the energy towards the four elements. Astrology can offer data on the different decks and their interpretation.

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