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Tatcha The Skincare Company Which Has Roots From Japan

Everything in the world has originated from somewhere or someone has invented it considering the genius mind We as human beings have on this planet. Japan is the country that has given so much to the world from sushi and ramen in the food to manga in the comics, from bullet trains to sumo fighting, from Cherry blossom to Sakura which is quite popular in Japan.

We can’t be thankful enough for the tech companies Panasonic, and Sony to car companies Toyota which have made our lives so easy with their compact design and solid build, every Japanese thing has this thing. But here we are talking about Tatcha, a skincare company started in America by a Japanese-American woman who wanted to show all the world the importance of skincare to live long like all Japanese have secret things which they use on their skin. 

The Secret

There is no such secret that has been applied to the average people living in Japan who have such a very long age compared to an average resident of any other country in the world. There are several reasons which affect the age gap. It is the healthy lifestyle which has been taught in every home in Japan to their children from ages, how to eat a balanced diet consisting of all the nutrients.

And why it is important to do minimal exercise to remain fit every day, they are happy living in such short areas, making a family full of knowing each other and helping each other in difficulties make them unique to the Western world.

Tatcha has been an inspirational story read this article fully to know in detail about the story of Tatcha, tatcha skin care and its founder, tatcha dewy skin cream, how he started this company, tatcha water cream, what his future goal is, and some of its products tatcha rice wash, . So Stay Tuned to the end.

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What is Tatcha?

Tatcha is an American skincare multinational company that was started by Vicky Tsai when she was fed up with her corporate job and decided to quit once in 2009 she traveled back to her homeland Kyoto, Japan, and met a modern geisha, an artist from Japan who just excels in their craft, and got some ingredients for the balanced diet and stays healthy. She was quite mesmerized by the simplicity and authenticity of their people.

What is Tatcha

According to the founding story on the official site, one day she woke up after coming from Japan to San Francisco, she just believed in herself and decided to start a niche business in skincare only because she didn’t want to make several products and then don’t give proper attention to them for becoming a fail product.

She got pregnant and delivered a baby when simultaneously she was doing research for all the authentic ingredients for the best possible skin care cream for our different skins. She was introduced to some scientists and they helped her in finding the best ingredients which she was looking for and then the necessity was done on that day for her. 

Struggle to find Investors

After starting this company in 2009, she struggled to find investors because they didn’t want to invest in a niche market that hadn’t been quite what people had tried before. She had given so many presentations for her plan and tried to tell them how big a market the product was in real life. But they denied it by saying it is too exotic for a Western woman and they won’t purchase it at any cost and it’ll be a failed product.

Then she went into depression for some days and struggled for days. She sold her engagement ring, car, and furniture which she has earned after working in the corporate world for over 9 years. She started working in her mother’s garage and didn’t take a penny in the salary for over 9 years, worked too hard to make a place in the market but wasn’t seeing much success because of a lack of funding to promote the product for the right audience.

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Social Media Success

After struggling for such a long period, she got the idea to promote the product on social media and tried to put ads on different platforms from Instagram to Google ads. She got a quick response from the right audience of the world to purchase the product and is willing to pay a hefty amount if the product is generous and authentic and helps their skin in the way she has promoted. 

Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream

She has marketed her Tatcha dewy skin cream to help the skin which is very much responsible not only physically but mentally because the touch helps in all five senses of the body, she has read about skin much more and created a genuine product that can help to restore the skin like a new baby born who has such soft skin all over the body.

Tatcha Merge and her Resignation

She hasn’t given just her money in the building of the brand but has spent her sweat all the years to see everything from making to marketing the product when the company got the first funding in 2017 from a private equity firm Castanea Partners and they wanted to build this company to a multi-billion dollar business, and that couldn’t be possible without a large amount of funding which they hadn’t.

Tatcha Merge and her Resignation

After very much discussion between the board members, they sold the company to Unilever for a hefty amount of 500 million dollars in 2019, Vicky didn’t like this and she stepped down from her post quite shortly and didn’t return when board members tried to take her back after much of the discussion between them, they couldn’t be able to convince her. 

To Sum Up

Tatcha is a skincare brand from America that has been quite popular all over the world for its research-based ingredients that help the skin. But their founder isn’t there anymore connected with the company which is quite a sad part because a person who had seen the dream of this company and now she isn’t even a part of this huge brand. That’s it for now.

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