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If you have a tea business you probably already know how hard it is to find high-quality eco-friendly packaging and a reliable provider. On top of that, you have to be creative and make a packaging design that attracts and retains clients, accurately represents your brand and products and is easily distinguishable among competitor tea.

Packlion understands the struggles of small and mid-size tea businesses. So in this article, they want to share a few helpful tips on how to design tea packaging succesfully. 

What do customers generally expect from tea packaging?

Avid tea drinkers are very into the beverage and like having it every day, sometimes even a few times per day. You can imagine how much waste that would be if the inner and outer packaging of your tea contains non-recyclable plastic. 

With that in mind, the first thing on the list of client expectations from tea packaging is eco-friendliness. To lower the impact of your tea company on the environment, go for biodegradable and recyclable packaging that breaks down extremely fast and poses no threat to wildlife upon disposal.

Next, consumers expect to find unique teas with captivating packaging. The market is already flooded with basic tea packaging. So clients will be looking for something that screams high-quality and looks interesting enough for them to change their usual drink preferences. Of course, let’s not forget tea packaging is bound to protect the product so durability is also an important factor. 

Some of the best steps you can take as a business is to customize your design, show your company identity, tell a story and create a personal experience for the customer.

Tips for small and mid-sized businesses

1. Customize the design

Custom packaging options are so worth the hype. When you know the needs and aspirations of your ideal clients and target audience, you have a perfect baseline to create a mesmerizing tea packaging design. A design that speaks to the clients and captures their interest from a first glance.

A good tea packaging design is one that stands out and people can differentiate from competing products. The only way to be different enough is to concentrate your efforts on making your tea packaging one-of-a-kind in terms of the design, shape, and size of the packaging.

2. Minimalism is your friend

Minimalism is gaining huge popularity in the tea industry. That is because that design movement is very sophisticating and soothing, just like the tea is. Having that in mind, choosing gentle and subtle colors, delicate and readable fonts, and adding engaging label content will make your tea packaging alluring and interesting.

Overall, people tend to respond very positively to modern minimalistic designs. Maybe because most tea packaging on the market is too colorful and clustered with text and visuals. Minimalism is your key to presenting a luxury beverage that stands out. 

3. Show your brand identity

Another tip for your small or mid-size business is to show your brand identity through the tea packaging. Think about your mission and vision, and what makes your company and tea different and unique. Then take that information and incorporate it into the design.

People are very open to brands that look relatable and they seek products that correspond to their personal beliefs and sentiments. That’s why, you have to use this to your advantage and create a tea packaging design that fully represents what your brand stands for in terms of company values. 

4. Try to tell a story

Storytelling is a great product seller, particularly if it is done right. People want to know more about your tea and what makes it so special. They would also be interested to know your brand history and origin of the tea. Hence, by telling a short captivating story through your packaging text and visual elements you will be able to evoke certain emotions and better connect with your target clients. 

5. Use sustainable materials

Sustainability is the latest craze in the packaging world. That is because people are actively seeking businesses that think about the environment and offer eco-friendly solutions to pressing ecological problems such as waste generation, land pollution, ocean contamination, carbon footprint emissions and so much more.

Using sustainable materials like cardboard and paper for the outer packaging and plastic-free tea bags is going to build you a stable reputation as an eco-aware brand. These renewable materials can be safely disposed of and will naturally dissolve without harming the environment in the long term. They are also recyclable and lightweight.

6. Create a personal experience for the customer

Consumers want to feel involved and understood by tea companies and build an actual connection before building brand loyalty. That’s why creating a personal experience for the customer should be on top of your tea packaging to-do list. 

The best way to do that is in the form of personalized messages you can add to online orders, or include tiny collectibles and positive messages in the packaging. This type of personalization of the packaging is bound to inspire people to share unboxing videos on social media, which is free advertising and first-hand authentic feedback.

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