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The keyboard is the most crucial input device for computer users and helps to transfer typed data to the user’s PC. In case if a keyboard is not working properly, many users would be experiencing errors. Here, we will provide you with some technical solutions to fix your keyboard not working.

1.     You need to clear the keyboard cache

Clearing the keyboard cache will allow the keyboard to work on your PC. Allowing the keyboard to work will enable Windows to tell the computer that the keyboard is working. On the other hand, when a keyboard will not work, Windows will show the error code 9945.

How to Clear the keyboard cache?

Open Control Panel/Applications/Control Panel Look in Task Manager and hit Properties Search for the key combinations’ “C”, “Shift”, and “Alt” and right-click on each combination Tick “Clear the cache of the keyboard” to clear the keyboard cache. You can use replacement key method too to solve this method.

2.     You need to clear the virus icon in the Windows folder

Windows Icon infection can occur due to a virus. You may also use malware as a hacker to perform unauthorized actions. This can also cause issues when you try to use your keyboard to input information. But you can remove this icon using the system tools.

How to Remove Windows Icon Infection?

  • In the Start menu, click on “Run”
  • Next, open a command prompt.
  • To show the location of registry keys, click on “All Programs” then type the following:
  • Search for “keytool”
  • Then, type following command:
  • Search for “keytool –no force –delete”

Once the files are deleted, your Windows Icon infection problem can be solved.

3.     Try to open multiple handles in the Multitouch mouse

If you are using a mouse with multi-touch support, then you might encounter some problems. In case you are experiencing keyboard and mouse not working, you can try to open multiple handles to the Multitouch mouse.

How to Use Multi-Touch Mouse with Keyboard and Mouse?

Install the latest version of Multitouch Mouse by running the following command from the command prompt:

  • Navigate to the “Application” folder Under “Programs”, type “msiexec.exe”
  • Once the command is executed, close the Terminal window by using the CTRL + Q key combo.
  • Now, you can open Multi touch Mouse in your Windows environment by using this command:
  • Run the following command to open the mouse in your Windows environment:
  • If the Multitouch mouse is not showing in your environment, click on the “Edit” icon in the “File” menu.
  • Now, click on the “Customize” button and select “Disable Notifications”
  • In the next step, choose the “Yes” option.
  • Once the setting is selected, click the “Apply” button.

Now, you can open the Multi-Touch Mouse in your Windows environment.

4.     We can force Windows to run without background apps

Background tasks are a series of temporary tasks that run in the background, but do not necessarily consume your resources. When you make a long-running task, you would see a notification, but when you click on the notification to close it, the task would be still running. This may stop working your keyboard keys. You can go for Macbook pro replacement keys services to solve this issue.

How to Force Windows to Run Without Background Apps?

This issue can occur due to multiple factors. In some cases, the background process crashes. To fix this issue, you can force Windows to execute without background apps.

  • Press the ALT key on the keyboard.
  • Right-click on the taskbar and press “Task Manager” option.
  • Right-click on “Task Scheduler” and click on “Run as Administrator”.

Once the task scheduler is executed as “Administrator”, click on the “Reset” button.

After the task scheduler is reset, it would start running without background tasks. This issue will be resolved if the following three steps are done:

  • Restart your PC or Locate the “Task Scheduler”.
  • Right-click on the “Task Scheduler” and click on “Run as Administrator”.
  • Click on “Reset” button.


Use these methods to resolve your keyboard issue. Using these methods, you can fix your problem. This keyboard will replace your problematic keyboard and help you to increase your typing speed, and efficiency.


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