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When a problem occurs in the construction project, it has the capacity to cause a delay in it. The resolution of the problem can take a long time and affect the on-time completion of the project. A number of other problems arise with the main issue, and one of that is labor productivity loss. When the contractors fail to complete the work due to various issues, they often file for labor productivity loss claims.

It is quite difficult to measure labor productivity loss claims. However, it is not impossible. Various countries offer expert support in the matter, and UAE is one of them. Parties involved in the construction project cannot resolve the issue on their own. Therefore, most of the parties hire the services of construction claims consultants in Dubai and ensure the smooth resolution of their issues.

This article will help you explore some important techniques to resolve labor productivity loss claims in construction projects.

Top 4 Techniques to Resolve Labor Productivity Claims

Problems in the construction project can increase the completion deadline. The involved parties may decide to increase the labor force to compensate for the delay. However, it will increase the cost of operations. Such situations often lead the parties to labor productivity loss claims, which are hard to resolve without expert guidance.

The following are some important techniques to resolve labor productivity claims.

1.     Review Total Cost Claims

The very first technique experts utilize to measure labor productivity loss in a construction project is that they review total cost claims. In order to calculate the damages, the experts review the total cost of expenses incurred by the contractors on the project and minus the value from the initial bid.

The resultant amount presents the total cost of damages, which can be utilized in resolving the claims.

2.     Analyze Modified Total Cost

The second technique experts utilize to measure labor productivity loss claims in the construction projects is the analysis of modified total cost claims. It is calculated by reviewing the total cost of the project, subtracting the cost incurred due to the problems, and subtracting the amount of initial bid.

The resultant amount highlights the modified total cost of the construction project, which could have been avoided if the problems did not occur in the process.

3.     Evaluate Measured Mile Analysis

Measured mile analysis is one of the most important techniques experts use in resolving construction claims. It is specifically more important in the case of labor productivity loss claims. Through the utilization of this method, the expert evaluates the progress of the negatively impacted performance time frame with that of a normal performance period.

Through the obtained results, the experts evaluate the difference, as well as negative or positive relationships during the performances of two-time frames. The data is then utilized for the purpose of the solution.

4.     Ensure Discrete Tracking of Events

The last technique experts utilize in resolving labor productivity loss claims is a discrete tracking of events. By utilizing this technique, the experts focus on evaluating the performance of the construction project, as well as its number of other perspectives in a discrete manner. They calculate the results by assessing the whole situation.

Through the results, the experts identify the responsible parties for the problem as well as their role in it. They utilize the available information and date to resolve the claims through adjustment and understanding.

Are you also worried due to labor productivity loss claims?

Claims are an inevitable part of the construction projects. Instead of avoiding them, you should focus on the timely resolution of the matter in order to ensure on-time completion of the construction project.

You can hire the services of construction claim consultants in Dubai and ensure smooth resolution of issues with the help of experts. You can also get expert opinions and suggestions regarding the pace of the project and ensuring the on-time, quality progress of the construction project.

So, do not waste your time in disputes and consult the experts now for better quality results and save your expenses as well.

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