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Most students know the kind of career they wish to pursue at a very young level. With the rise and advancement in technology, many have an interest in pursuing technology as a career sector. As such, it’s not uncommon for a student to search the buying college essays for technology-related career options and other related information. Further, students even put in an extra effort in their academics to ensure their technology aspirations remain on track.

But what does a career in the technology field require? It can help if leaners knew that technology education forms a fundamental basis for such a career trajectory. With technology becoming a pinnacle of the world’s present digital economy, opportunities exist in abundance. So what tickles your fancy in the technology sphere? What majors should you undertake in college?

Technology Majors for Students to Consider

The options you pursue while in college define the technology niche you can end up in later on after school. Because of this, you can consider the following.

  • Computer Science. It is a major, best suited for individuals with a desire to push the limits of theoretical possibilities using the power of computing. The major focuses on computer programming principles besides the basic functionality logic. You can end up becoming a programmer or software developer by pursuing subjects such as cloud computing, iOS/Windows programming respectively.
  • Cyber Security. Millions of valuable and crucial information end up getting stored on tech systems, mainly accessible through the internet. Such information can include those for your credit card, social security, health records, among many more. It can, therefore, prove wise to pursue a major in cybersecurity so that you can work to keep such information secure.
  • Data Analytics. It forms an excellent option for anyone with an interest in harnessing the data power. As such, the major will allow you to pursue a career where you can review, clean, and extract data from a diverse set of data sources and solve defined problems. Subjects include data visualization, business intelligence, etc.
  • Data Science. A highly connected global population implies a huge set of data with exponential increases every time. Data science entails combing through these vast amounts of data and using a huge sets of information in answering questions and informing decisions. Subjects include machine learning, statistical analysis, etc.
  • Information Technology and Management. IT keeps organizations and businesses running through the network setup of tech devices. You can major in ITM and study subjects such as systems design, among others.
  • Systems Administration (Network). It’s an excellent option for learners with an interest in IT, especially those that can lead to system or network administration. One can focus on network security or operating systems.
  • Software App Development. A major in software app development can enable you to test, design, and create a software app for diverse uses. You can consider subjects such as software design or object-oriented programming.
  • Web Programming. Websites and the internet are intertwined and form a crucial aspect of the modern economy. Most businesses rely on websites to market and provide valuable information among other uses, and therefore, a major in this field will put you in good stead. You can create new websites besides fixing faulty ones. You can undertake subjects such as web frameworks, web programming, among others, in becoming a web developer.


Any tech-savvy individual has a place in the world of technology. Everything lies with what a student decides to pick for their major, as this defines the tech sector and career you will end up in.

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