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Laser hair removal is the most popular and effective cosmetic procedure you find today. The intense laser lights destroy the frisky hair follicles from their roots, making it difficult for them to regrow at their usual phase.

People claim they achieved 90% hair reduction in the treated area after completing the full laser hair removal sessions. With additional touch-ups and follow up with the technician, it is likely possible to eliminate those body hair permanently.

Before you get into the first laser hair removal session, you must not forget to get proper consultation with your doctor or the attending technician. They will diagnose your skin and hair type and suggest you the right way to approach the laser treatment. If your skin analysis shows otherwise, you might have to look for other alternatives.

Nevertheless, suppose you are tired of those conventional and ineffective hair removal methods. In that case, laser hair removal is the one to go. It is considered the most smooth and quickest hair removal process. Once you feel the light zapping on your skin, you will not know when it will get over.

As a medical procedure, there is not much to do pre-treatment. However, with laser post care (脫毛保養), it is your responsibility to take care of your skin. Hence, here is a highlight of what you should and not do post your laser hair removal session.

Laser hair removal post-care – Do’s

Your attending technician will guide you on how to take care of the treated area. Following them will give you better results for a long time.

  • Immediately after the session, keep the treated area cool by using soothing creams, antibiotics, and cold compresses. They will help reduce redness, swelling, skin inflammation, and skin bumps (if any) that appear as minor side effects of the laser treatment. You don’t have to worry, though; these are temporary.
  • Before applying any prescription creams, ointments, or gel, consult with the doctor or the attending physician first. They will suggest the proper medication if you feel pain or discomfort post-treatment.
  • Post laser treatment; the treated area becomes super sensitive. Hence, it would help if you protected the area from exposure to direct sunlight. It is better to keep away from the sun for about a month. Even if you go out, use an umbrella, or adequately cover the treated area, apply suitable sunscreen daily.
  • Cleanse the treated area with care using mild products when showering or washing up. Do not rub the area rigorously. Instead, pat, then dry, and apply suitable lotion or moisturizers.
  • Keep the treated area open, dry, and clean post-laser treatment. Do not apply anything to it during the first 24 hours: no deo, no moisturizer, no makeup, nothing. Applying them can irritate the skin causing side effects.
  • After about a week posts your laser hair removal treatment, you might notice dead hair shedding on the treated area. They are normal. Do not shave or pluck them. Leave it as it is. Or, you can mildly exfoliate the area to speed up the hair-shedding process.
  • If you got facial laser hair removal, do not apply any makeup or product on the skin. Cleanse your face using lukewarm water along with some odor-free cleansers. After a few days, when you do apply makeup, be gentle on the skin and do not scrub.
  • Recently laser-treated skin is sensitive to anything extreme, whether strong deo or extreme temperatures. That is why you should refrain from going to saunas, or swimming, as the water has chlorine, hot baths, etc. You should instead improve blood circulation by taking cold showers.
  • Post the laser treatment after 24 hours; you should regularly keep the treated area hydrated. Laser treatment often dries out the skin. However, ensure that your products do not contain harmful ingredients like acids or retinol.
  • Wear loose-fitting attire to let the treated area breathe. And do consume a lot of water for hydration.

Laser hair removal post care – Don’ts

  • Do not go sun tanning or apply tanning products right after your laser hair removal session.
  • Do not get another cosmetic procedure until 4 to 6 weeks after your laser treatment.
  • Do not shave, trim, pluck, tweeze, or wax the treated area post-care. That would only irritate the skin.
  • Do not apply anything to the treated area that has a strong fragrance. Chemicals in them will harm the skin.
  • Avoid using body scrubs and rigorous rubbing while showering or drying the skin.
  • Do not go into hot tubs or swimming pools as the water there has chlorine and is harsh to the skin.
  • Avoid excess manual activities like exercise or training. Sweat is not suitable for the treated area.
  • Do not accidentally scratch or rub the area. That could cause skin scarring and crusting.
  • Do not go under direct sunlight.
  • If you face any discomfort or side effects, consult with a doctor or your physician immediately.

For skin safety and health concerns, always follow instructions as directed by the physician.

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