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Recent statistics show that one out of every five houses has a termite infestation. This means that an average house owner is in substantial risk for an infestation of termites. Studies have shown that termites tend to cause property damage over five billion annually.

After reading this one might consider doing a termite pest control immediately to protect one’s house. However, people should not attempt to conduct a treatment themselves. It might result in improper termite treatment, infective and may cost huge money in repairing damages over time.

How can termites inflict damage?

Termites reside underground are always on the lookout for food. So, they make tunnels to move from their colony and into people’s houses in search of nourishment. Once inside a house (wooden), termites go behind the walls and slowly eat away the softwood frames, severely affecting the support beams stability.

This not only damages the house but is also a huge safety concern for the people living in it. Moreover, repair of damages caused by termites is extremely expensive.

Now, as the warm weather approaches, there will a lot of swarmers that will come out. These termites with wings start to form new colonies and are primarily found during spring.

However, once inside a house there are no seasons for termites. These pests will be there in winter, fall summer and spring eating away all the time.

How can someone prevent damages?

Majority of termites tend to attack from under the ground. So, treatment of the soil helps to make a barricade between the soil and houses. Knowledge of the building construction plays a major role in identifying potential entry points which may not be obvious and helps in forming the barrier.

Brick or concrete blocks should be drilled to treat where termites reside. If someone fails to make a complete barricade, the termite will search for gaps in them. Some chemical products that target termites and used to form the barricade are quite toxic.

So, if there are pets of children in the houses, the least toxic treatment should be used. The important elements for a successful treatment of termites are –

  • Complete chemical barricade around the house.
  • Effective, direct and safe chemical treatment.
  • Continuous maintenance and monitoring.

Why avail professional help?

Treating houses for these pests is not an easy task. They have colonies which are quite difficult to eliminate. So, a skilled termite exterminator will know where and how to inspect for potential issues.

Understanding behavioural pattern, toxicity and effectiveness of chemicals, building construction knowledge and identifying potential entry points are necessary for a proper termite pest control programme.

Majority of house owners are ignorant in these matters and trying a treatment themselves might become a fatal and costly mistake. This why availing the help of professional termite killers is important.

They target the termite colonies, ensure a complete chemical barricade, uses appropriate equipment and safest chemicals there are. Hence, employ professional help to get the best results and have a termite free house.


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