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Trail riding can be your break from the mundane life. The lush green meadows or mysterious outback, far away from the 9 to 5 office hours, riding with your friends and family. A trail ride can be the getaway you have been craving for months. Whether it is a day’s ride into the wild or a week-long camping ride with a professional guide; your experience can quickly turn from a dream to a nightmare if you do not have the right training.

Not all people have the leisure or time to take riding courses. This guide is for the long horse riders, who are looking for a quick adventure with their equestrian partners.

  • Do not forget the necessities

Apart from your sportsman spirit and love for nature, you will need to carry a few things that will help you sustain yourself. Water, food, first-aid items, rain gear and a sharp Swiss-knife, should always be there with you are you head out.

  • Carry your cell phone and GPS

Sometimes, people may lose track of their friends or guide in the wilderness. While there is a strong possibility that you will be out of cellular network range, you should always ensure that you carry your phone for emergencies nonetheless. Additionally, pack your compass of GPS.

  • Pack duct tape

There are few things duct tape cannot fix. Whether it is a broken shoe or emergency fixing of a busted pair of goggles; duct tape can save your life in 101 ways.

  • A working whistle

You can communicate when you lose line of sight. A sharp whistle can alert people of your locations in case you veer off course. The ideal way is to stick with the leader or the guide horse. Do not trot off to stay ahead. The 87 breeders cup face-off was interesting, but the jungle or national park is not the best premise to reenact it.

  • Flashlight

There is no way you should step into the wilderness without a flashlight and some extra batteries. Maybe you do not have the plan to stay there at night, but several pockets on trails do not receive sufficient light in the daytime.

  • Plastic carry bags

These freebies weigh nothing, yet they can help you remain environmentally friendly on a ride. Store used tissues, discarded wrappers and other litters inside these poly packs. They also make fantastic compress holders and waterproofing for bandages.

  • Dollar-store first aid

Always check the components of a first-aid kit before you buy one. It should contain ORS, band-aids, bandages, sanitizers and antiseptics, painkillers and emergency fever medications. While you are at the dollar store, stock up on bandanas, sun hats, and cargo vests as well.

  • Toilet paper

Apart from the conventional use, toilet paper has several purposes. You can use them for cleaning, wiping and primary first aid purposes. They can make accessible to spot signals in the event of an emergency from the air and hilltops.

  • Baling Twine

Just like the duct tape, it can save your life in 101 ways. Only your imagination is the limit to its application and use.

  • Fire starting material

Forget everything they told you about fire and fire starters in school. In the wilderness, fire can and will save you in case of emergency night-time stopovers. Carry waterproof matches, lighters, and fuel for the ease of starting a campfire.

Trail riding does not have to be challenging or scary. Remembering the ten tips we have mentioned here will help you savor each moment of it.

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