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Are you searching for the Best VPN Apps for Android  Being the internet age, a huge number of people spend their time online. Needless to say, not everyone has the best interest when it comes to web usage. Consequently, this means that you need to be careful to protect your identity online.  Keeping your private information safe while online is of paramount importance. The easiest way to do this is to use VPN applications. Whether you need to protect your privacy in this big data era, protect your website from hackers or you want to operate anonymously, these three VPN apps will help you achieve that.

Here is list of The 3 Best VPN Apps for Android


Founded in the year 2012, the NordVPN provides security and security related services all over the world.  It has explicitly been lauded for its longevity of powerful security add-ons and has been a favorite across the levels of expertise on the internet today. The following are its key features;

  • Ease of use

The app is easily downloaded from the internet and does not require many processes to get it installed on your devices.  Once you run it on your machine, it begins the encryption process providing you maximum security and an easy time installing it. Additionally, it provides connectivity to up to 6 devices. This means that one downloaded programme can protect several of your devices at a go.

  • Speed

If you hate slow speeds, this is the ideal app for you. The recently improved speed algorithms provide you with super speeds. If you are on their “super speed” servers, then your speed will be even higher.

  • Privacy

With Nord, you are home! Your privacy is well taken care of as they use a rare technology that double encrypts your data before it reaches the internet. Their SSL-based 2048-bit encryption operates on all their servers. This makes sure that your privacy is protected. What more would you ask for a VPN app? Feature summary

  • Has its own DNS servers
  • Connects to 6 devices at a go
  • Has a strict no log policy
  • Open SSL and VPN ports
  • Has a firewall pass through
  • Supports both Mac OS windows, Linux and Android
  • Has both shared and dedicated IP
  • Operational all over the world
  • Has a double VPN feature for increased security
  • Encrypted chat feature
  • Secret notes feature

Nord is generally suitable for your use, but it may need improvement on its speeds and its usability on Android devices.


ExpressVPN offers easy to use procedure for all its users. It is easily downloadable from the internet and can be operated on a myriad of devices. Key features summary

  • Has more than 15K IP addresses
  • Available across the world
  • Can support 3 devices at a go
  • Easy to use on either platform
  • Unlimited speeds
  • Favourable bandwidth
  • Works with several online entertainment channels such as Netflix and Kodi.

The main setback for this app is that it requires multiple login details for the various devices


As the name suggests, CyberGhost VPN gives you anonymity on the internet. You become invisible to hackers and other malicious users that might tamper with your details and information as you use the web. It is one of the best VPN apps on the internet today. Key feature summary

  • Available across the world
  • Compatible with online entertainment channels such as Netflix
  • Works well with iPhone and iOS
  • More than 1000 servers and 1300 IP addresses

CyberGhost allows simultaneous connections up to 7 devices using a single account which is among the highest in the VPN industry. However, they do not have a free trial, and also keep minimal connection logs. Your privacy is essential when it comes to your internet use. Once you are hacked or your privacy is tampered with, you may not be able to enjoy the benefits of the web as before. So go ahead, choose the protection app that works for you, and protect yourself  this are The 3 Best VPN Apps for Android hope you like the article.

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