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Self-Growth For Your Career

Each individual has their own distinctive structure and plan with regards to self-growth. People have completely different views on what to do and what not to do in order to enhance their self-confidence to boost their selves from feeling inferior especially in a workplace filled with hungry sharks. Feelings of solitude can be controlled. Feelings of doubt as you think you lack value for the company due to the fact that you keep believing that you have not done as much as you possibly can.

Truth be told, 6 times out of ten we truly do have unproductive days where we are only able to accomplish very little from what we actually planned. There are tons of factors to consider. But, to grow in your career you need to have the right attitude and proper mindset. You need to prove to your company that you are a “high value” employee and that you deserve a promotion.

The best way to do it would be to completely change your mindset. You need to think of you as one of the small businesses grinding to make sales. At the same time you need to think of your employer as the consumer of your product. The most fundamental way that you should think needs to be; “how would you get your customer to be a patron and stay loyal to you and continuously purchase your product?” To achieve self-growth in your career you need to do what you can do to maximize every passing moment.

Here are some pro tips which you need to keep in mind:

  1. Meetings are not always the answer

Although it would look pretty cool having the whole team in a huddle drinking coffee and talking about their ideas, most meetings are actually not essential. Some can be avoided as they tend to take away productivity rather than improve it.

There are some scenarios wherein the best way to solve an issue or align the team is not through a meeting. For instance, if you only need status updates from people you could have also accomplished the same through email or any collaboration app.

  1. Avoid multitasking like the plague.

Trying to be the hero won’t add value to your company. The same thing goes with multitasking, it won’t help your career nor your productivity. In-fact a study from psychologists; they have found out that only 2.5% of people in the entire world can successfully multitask and do two or more things at once. This means that if you are not part of the 2.5% then multitasking is likely not helping you to be more efficient in your work.

Multitasking usually shifts the attention of an individual back and forth in between tasks which most likely ends up with you not being able to focus at all. This will result with you not being able to complete tasks and leave them half done.

  1. Taking More Breaks can help you Get More Done

This isn’t anymore the old times where people need to work with their blood, sweat and tears to get to a high place. It is the digital age of information. It is better to work smarter than to work harder. You need to give your mind the chance to relax and ease off a bit. Break down your hours through work blocks and take breaks in between. Use the Pomodoro Timer to help you set priorities on what to finish first in a span of time. Afterwards, take a quick break and come back to work with a refreshed mind and body. Once you can fully commit to the concept you will be able to work as efficient as possible gearing you for self-growth and career advancement opportunities.


At the end of the day everything relies on your ability to present a positive outlook and have a strong attitude. You need to adjust and manage your time properly, you need to push the hours and do effort in order to attain your goals. However, NEVER push yourself too hard. Always work smarter not harder and remember to take those tiny breaks in between your work blocks.

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